Sunday, 23 December 2007

Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild (Newsletter Christmas)

Dear gentle Lords and Ladies, members of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild, -Mailing List & Dragon's Embroidery Workshop!

I wish you all a merry christmas
a happy new year!

Due to some embroidery projects, university and real live I was very busy the last months, but with your great help (especially many thanks to Mistress Jaelle and Anna de Byxe for their great help) I was able to start with my second task, the guild badge.

Update - Guild Membership Roll:
I am very happy to announce that we got two new members during december and now have 24 members :)

Update - Guild Badge:
The poll concerning the guild badge is over now and following badge won:
"on a dragon sable (-> black) a needle or (=gold)"
Many thanks to all lords and ladies who participated in the poll! :)
I will contact Mistress Jaelle after the new years day concerning registration,... :)

Update - Guild Charter:
Because of the great interest that was shown concerning the guild badge, I started to work at the guild badge first - I will start with the rework of the guild charter after the new years day.

If someone of you would like to participate in the "Something to keep you warm" Project / Challenge of Mistress Anya and me - there is still enough time left to let us know and to join! :)
...and if you would like to join the Dragon's Embroidery Workshop or the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - please don't hesitate to write me an eMail! :)

Yours faithfully
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head
Racaire :)

Saturday, 15 December 2007

result of the guild badge poll

...and the winner is:

1) on a dragon sable (-> black) a needle or (=gold -> yellow)

with 11 votes / 61% (18 persons voted)

2) on a dragon sable (-> black) a needle argent (=silver -> white)
-> 4 votes / 22%

3) on a hurst of three pine trees eradicated gules (-> red), a needle or (=gold -> yellow)
-> 2 votes / 11%

4) on a hurst of three pine trees eradicated gules (-> red), a needle argent (=silver -> white)
-> 3 votes / 16%

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Guild Badge Poll

First many thanks to Mistress Jaelle for her help & Anna de Byxe for the images :)

This are the best possibilities for our guild badge:
  1. on a dragon sable (-> black) a needle or (=gold -> yellow)
  2. on a dragon sable (-> black) a needle argent (=silver -> white)
  3. on a hurst of three pine trees eradicated gules (-> red), a needle or (=gold -> yellow)
  4. on a hurst of three pine trees eradicated gules (-> red), a needle argent (=silver -> white) can submit your vote via the poll in the nav. bar on the left side.

When the poll is over (14.12.2007) Mistress Jaelle offered to check if the chosen badge is clear of conflict and than we will try to register it.


more information provided by Mistress Jaelle:
No color would be behind the dragon (or the trees). This is what we call a fieldless badge.  A fieldless badge can be on any background where there is contrast - so in this case, of either black or red you could put it on a white or yellow background - eg sew it on your white dress and then on your yellow cloak, This is because the badge is a - thing - it can go on either.

this may help- an explanation about fieldless badges from the 0fficial SCA heraldic website:

"In period mundane practice, fieldless badges are almost always a single charge, possibly charged with a cadency mark, such as a crescent or a mullet. Most of the rest were charges conjoined, such as a crescent with an estoile resting in the "cup", or the bear and ragged staff of Neville.
In the SCA, the fieldless badges must form a connected design. One way to think about it is that you should be able to cast the design in a mold without it falling apart."

Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Members

If you do not want your SCA name and/or group to be listed here,
please contact the
guild head

~ added 04.12.2007: ~
23) Anna de Byxe (Nordmark)
~ added 13.12.2007: ~
24) Hedwig von Simmaningen (Central)

additional information:
Guild Head: Lady Racaire
Aarnimetsä - region guild head: Lady Eilgri Beccan

Guild Head Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild

Monday, 3 December 2007

1st Dragon Needle Embroidery Guild - Newsletter December

Dear honorable Lords and Ladies, gentle members of the "Dragon Needle Embroidery Guild" & "- eMail Group"!

First I would like to thank all members of the Dragon Needle Embroidery Guild - previous members who officially renewed their membership and all the new members and newcomers who were no members of the Guild before - many thanks to all of you!
...and don't forget - the guild head is always happy about new members and membership requests :)

I am very proud to be able to announce that our guild consists of 22 members now and I hope that I will be able to announce a rise of this number in my January Newsletter - btw. you can find all members at the Dragon's Embroidery Workshop Blog

The next big task I have to solve is the rework of the 'Guild Charter' - please don't hesitate and let me know about your wishes and ideas concerning a new guild charter especially concerning the evaluation process and I will try to bear them in mind while the rework
...for example: what do you think about our rank system (do we really need one?) and the evaluation system, or if a system like the Sojourner Program or/and the Broderer Program - see 'The West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild' for more information - would be maybe more suitable for our guild and members who really want to develope their
techniques and skills
I hope that with your help I will be able to build a guild charter that fulfilles our needs in Drachenwald, that needs no further rework and that will make trying out "new" medieval techniques more interesting :)

The next task is our 'Guild Badge' - the gentle Mistress Jaelle offered me to help me with this task - as soon as I know more I will let you all know :)

As soon as our 'Guild Charter' and 'Guild Badge' problems are solved I hope that I will be able to start with a 'Guild Homepage'.

If you would like to help with the rework of the guild charter or contribute to the Dragon's Embroidery Workshop please let me know.

Yours in Service
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head

Photos - KHM (Vienna / Austria)

I uploaded some photos from the KHM (Kunsthistorisches Museum) in Vienna / Austria (I hope you like them) :

1529-Barthel Beham
Ursprünglich hochgeladen von racaire

Friday, 30 November 2007

...btw. another interesting detail concerning Klosterstich :)
-> outlining (Hair)

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Thursday, 22 November 2007

my University Handouts

I uploaded my Klosterstich handout to our Shire Homepage today - you can find both handouts of my classes here now:

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Members

If you do not want your SCA name and/or group to be listed here,
please contact the
guild head

~ added 21.11.2007: ~
17) Sileas von Biuira (Central Region)
~ added 22.11.2007: ~
18) Lady Ælfwynne of Eoforwic (Nordmark)
19) Renika Rikardsdottir (Nordmark)
20) Mistress Anya Mstyslavyaya (Central Region)
21) Alenn von Horn (Central Region)
~ added 23.11.2007: ~
22) Halfdan von Veneta (Central Region)

additional information:
Guild Head: Lady Racaire
Aarnimetsä - region guild head: Lady Eilgri Beccan

Guild Head Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

other tokens...

...and here are another two tokens - two needlebooks :)
Thanks to Gunhild (from Aventiure) and Lia for this nice idea :)

Sunday, 4 November 2007

...small embroidery projects

...many thanks to Emma for her idea and inspiration concerning a Panache badge :)

...and I tried to make two small tokens for the A&S display at university - two small pincushions but I am not sure if they are good enough for someone entering an A&S display *sigh*
(I am very looking forward to your comments)

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Lovely embroidery done by a very nice Lady also living in Drachenwald:
(and she is a member of the Dragon's Embroidery Guild) :D

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

First Smocking :)

fyi - yesterday I was working at my first try of (direct) smocking for a tailed cap

...and I am very looking forward to see what you were working at :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Hi, everyone!

I´ve been lurking here for a while and admiring the work you´ve done. Racaire kindly asked us to introduce ourselves, so here comes ;) my name is Eilgri Beccan, and I live in Aarnimetsä, in the canton of Hucca. I´ve been a Drachenwalder for over ten years now and interested in embroidery even longer. I hope I will have more time to spend with needles now that I´ve graduated, so I decided to finally become an active member of this guild.

There was a question at some point about the favorite embroidery techniques, and I have to admit I like appliqué. Mostly because it´s so fast to make and I don´t usually have that much time ;)

Here´s a picture of a heraldic purse I appliquéd for my friend last year.

I´ll try and find more pictures later...

Right now I´m working on a tunic for my little friend A (11 years old), who wanted something red with dragons. He even sent me a picture of the dragon he wanted (from a period manuscript, early 15th century), but wasn´t too spesific about the garment itself. I made him a tunic of beautiful red wool and am going to appliqué (what a surprise!) the dragons with black wool.

I was going to make a Viking tunic, since that´s what he´s been wearing lately, but then I realized his mother and brother are using 14th century. So now I´m trying to decide should I try to make the tunic look more like 14th cen by arranging the dragons in mi-parti style, or should I go with the Viking style? And should I do that, how would I place the creatures then? ;) Any ideas/suggestions?

Saturday, 20 October 2007


...maybe someone of you is interested in information about the Klosterstich technique - here a link to a small Klosterstich timeline :)

Friday, 19 October 2007

Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Members

...because the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild has no homepage and I want to make the membership-list open to the public rather than to keep it secret - therefore a list of the members (in the order of their arrival till now):
If you do not want
your SCA name and/or group to be listed here,
please contact the
guild head

1) Racaire (Central - guild head)
2) Rakonczay Gergely (Aarnimetsä)
3) Thomas Paumer (Central)
4) Katherina Mornewegh (Central)
5) Lia de Thornegge (Scandinavia)
6) Edith of Hedingham (Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis)
7) Baroness Mary Verch Thomas (Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis)
8) Hudd de Peth (Kingdom of the Outlands)
9) Johanna aff Hucka (Aarnimetsä)
~ added 20.10.2007: ~
10) Eva Grelsdottir (Aarnimetsä)
~ added 21.10.2007: ~
11) Arnulf der Zeilner (Central)
12) Lady Jane Devereux (Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis)
~ added 22.10.2007: ~
13) Katharina Woinovich (Central)
~ added 23.10.2007: ~
14) Lady Eilgri Beccan (Aarnimetsä - Aarnimetsä region guild head)
~ added 27.10.2007: ~
15) Viscountess Helwig Ulfsdotter (Scandinavia)
~ added 30.10.2007: ~
16) Katharina von Owe (Central)

additional information:
Guild Head: Lady Racaire
Aarnimetsä - region guild head: Lady Eilgri Beccan
Nordmark: - (Lady Racaire)
Insulae Draconis: - (Lady Racaire)
Central: - (Lady Racaire)
South: - (Lady Racaire)

Guild Head Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild

Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Membership!

For all people who are interested into our Embroidery Guild but no member of our Guild-Mailinglist:

Dear gentle members of the "Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Mailgroup", embroiderers & friends,

Those who want to be a member of the guild, please send me the following information:

mundane name:
SCA name:
SCA group:
SCA region:
contact information:
optional information - your embroidery techniques:
optional information - homepage/blog:

Please send your membership request to: @ gmail . com

I am very looking forward to your mail,
yours in service
Petronilla of London
guild head of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Pelican badge

...and I made a small pelican badge for a good friend of mine :)

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Apron embroidery

Hello all,

I've been busy again, working on an apron for myself. It is a very basic rectangle, and white, and I thought it was a little boring so I wanted to do some rows of embroidery near the bottom of it in either drawn thread technique, or assissi cross stitch technique in the planning stage.

Going beyond planning, I went to the On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics, particularly the Italian listing, where I knew a number of period pattern books were to be found. In the pattern book published in 1561 by Giovanni Ostaus I found what I was looking for, a pattern that would look good done in a cross stitch along the bottom of my apron.

I have not gotten very far, as yet, but I did complete the first row in time for Nordmark's Civil War event. The stitch I am using is called long-armed cross stitch, (simple stitch diagram) or tvistsom stitch (tvistsöm in Swedish). In period it was often used to entirely cover a surface, to make pillow covers and such items, but it was also common to find bands of red work embroidered with this technique. The thread I had at hand was a skein of madder dyed silk, given to me in January this year. I did not know what to do with it until now - and it is a treat to work with. I only hope it lasts to the end of my pattern!

Well, enough preamble, I expect you'd like to see the progress I have made, and I can't wait to show it off to you all :) The image below is clickable, and will take you to my flickr site, where you can view a larger version of the photo. As yet I have done the first row, and started on the middle one. The top row will be the same height as the first one at an equal distance above the wider middle band.

2nd Row of Apron Embroidery

So, what have you been working at?
/Lia de Thornegge

Tokens for A&S Display - Ideas ?

Concerning Lady Fionas eMail to the Drachenwald Mailinglist:

We will be having A&S displays at both Crown Tourney and Kingdom University. Interested artisans should bring any type of A&S project that they would like to show to the populace. Projects will be displayed for the majority of the day on Saturday. See me Saturday morning as to where the display table will be.

Projects do not need to be finished. Many of the pieces shown over the last year have been only partially created and the feedback has been great! Documentation is not required but if you want to write a little bit about what you are doing or why, please do that.

The populace is encouraged to bring tokens to lay beside the pieces that they admire.

A HUGE thank you to all of the artisans who have been bringing projects to the A&S displays!!!! The turnout for the displays has been incredible and the number of projects being shown has been larger at each event.

Fiona Wiggins

I love this idea of tokens - does someone of you have an experience what kind of tokens are normally used at such an opportunity or ideas for tokens?
I hope some of you will bring their embroidery projects too - I would love to see them! :)
Yis Racaire

Friday, 5 October 2007

Meet and Greet at University II

Ok, it's rather difficult to make a 'Meet and Greet at University' on Saturday because everyone of the attending members of this blog or the guild will be very busy and "there are just to many things in the day" - considering this point (and because I am not useful without a lot of coffee in the morning) I think it would be best to make a 'Meet and Greet' without obligation on Friday evening (I will arrive at 06:30 pm on Friday at the airport and usually I don't get to bed to early).
I would love to get to know the members of this blog and the guild that I didn't meet in real live till now and I am very looking forward to a small 'Meet and Greet at University'.
Many thanks at this place to the Kingdom University Chancellor who is trying to fit it in :)

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Meet and Greet at University

I took a look at the reservation list at University and it looks like some members of this blog and members of the embroidery guild will attend University too...

ok, a great chance - therefore:
What about a
"Meet and Greet at University"?

...and for everyone of you who wants to attend one of my two classes - bring your embroidery frame with you!!! :)

News: Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild

For all people who are interested into our Embroidery Guild but no member of our Guild-Mailinglist:

"To all members of the Dragon's Needle Guild does Freydis,
Guildmistress, sends greeting.

For some time now RL has placed many demands on me that have meant that I have had less time to attend to guild matters than I might have wished. I am therefore giving up the role of guildmistress and passing it on to Racaire, an embroideress of great talent. I know that she will inspire the embroiders of our Kingdom to create many and varied examples of the art of the needle.

Freydis, once-guildmistress"

...and this is my answer I sent to the Guild-Mailinglist:

"Dear gentle members of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild,
I send you greetings from Vienna, Austria.

Many thanks to the former Guildmistress Lady Freydis for all her great work and the time that she has spent for the embroidery guild and our beautiful hobby and for her gentle words about my person - I hope that I will do this work at least as good as she has done. With the help of Lady Freydis it will take some time for me to get an overview about the role of the guildmistress and the guild matters - please be patient with me. this point I would like to draw your attention to this two small projects of THL Anya Mstyslavyaya and myself:

Some time ago we started a blog for the embroiderers of our beautiful Kingdom - please let us know if you would like to join us.
This blog was inspirated by the Dragon's Scriptorium blog of Mistress Bridget Greywolf and shall be "a place for the embroiderers of Drachenwald to show their own work & projects, ask questions, get answers and enjoy each other's company" - a possibility to get inspired or to inspire beginners, newcomers, guildmembers,...

We also started a new embroidery project at the beginning of September - "Something to keep you warm..." - please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to join this challenge.

If you would like to get to know me in real - I will be at the University in November and I am thinking about a "Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild meet and greet".
Concerning my own embroidery projects please visit my personal homepage or my embroidery blog.

Yours in Service,
designated new Guildmistress of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild"

Friday, 14 September 2007

Photos Tablecloth and Gown Project (Alenn)

Here are the Photos of my Tablecloth Anya asked for

On the first photo I hope ,to show that the motiv of the reindeers are printed on the tablecloth ,but it´s not good to see,I´m sorry

Also some photos from another project ,I started a time before.I wanted to finish the Gown since Summer Coronation these Year,but I have some trouble with my shouler and the Gown is to heavy to hold to finish the embroidery yet.It has to wait untill next Year

The Material of the Gown is Cotton in Curry Color and the Embroidery Yarn is from Anchor
The Stiches I used for the Gown ,was a mixture between Satin and Brick Stich Shading
The motiv were Ivy Leafs ,that i collect in the last autumn.You see, I work a long time on this Gown till know

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Test Test

At the moment I have to make some preparations for the this year's University, so today here are some photos from me:

I have photos of a gown I made after my pouch

The gown is a wool mixture and I embroidered it with crochet yarn ,with celtic motivs. I got the idea from last year's University, seen on Duke Sven's tunic. I'll try to show some more photos of me in the gown from this year's Nibelungen War. I hope I get it on the weekend.




Monday, 10 September 2007

Apprentice Belt (Anya)


Just thought I'd post some pictures of the apprentice belt I made for my apprentice sister Bridgid. It's hand woven (inkle) with dark green silk, backed with light green silk fabric with a leather interlining. The stitches are split stitch, satin stitch, and laid wire work. the embroidery threads are also silk.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Refilsaum handout updated

I added an appendix (FAQs) to my Refilsaum handout and the handout is now available at the homepage of the shire Ad Flumen Caerulum.

Yis Racaire

Thursday, 30 August 2007

That´s alenn

My Name is Alenn von Horn and I am a member of the Shire of the Two Seas in Hamburg, Germany. I have been in the Shire for 1 year and am new to the Sca. I have done crafts like crochet, embroidery and sewing since I was 6 years old, but I took a break from crafts in the ´90s. I started again before joining the Shire.

At first I made a pilgrim pouch in satin stitch on linen and after that I made a second pouch with satin stitch on wool

At the moment I am working on a cross stitched table cloth and some little patches .

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Embroidery Challenge II: Son of Embroidery Challenge

Thats right everyone!
The second embroidery challenge will begin on September 1st and run for one year (Racaire and I haven't finished our wall hangings yet, but since there was alot of interest shown in the next challenge we decided to start challenge II as planned:-) )! This time everyone who is interested may participate. We are stressing both research and embroidery, and as last time, at least 50% of the project must be done in a stitch not normally used by you.
This time around we are going for a more functional theme : things to keep you warm! The item embroidered must also be made by you, and can be anything from blankets to hats, gloves to stockings, coats to cloaks! The blog is already up and running, so for more info you can look here:
If you wish to participate in this year's challenge, you can email either me or racaire, both of our email addresses are on the blog. Research and sewing can take place in the project time, so don't wait! To get an idea of how the challenges are run, you can also look at the blog for the first challenge (the wallhanging challenge) :
Several people approached me at Nibelungan about participating in this project and said that they weren't on the DM-L, so please, if you know someone in your group that would be interested, please let them know!

Monday, 27 August 2007

Coptic patches

I made these patches for my laurel and her husband when they became prince and princess of Northsheild (so it was a while ago :-) ) They are reproductions of originals from the 6th century. The angel patches were worked from the original, which is in the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece (it was two blocks from my house). I even got to go back into the museum library and use the original publication for research! The partridge patch is from an original which is in Trier. For this one I worked from pictures in various books. Both were done using silk embroidery thread. All of it is in split stitch except for the outside border of the partridge patch. The Angel patches won the early period competition at Pennsic and the partridge patch won the last a&s fair (before we switched to the year long competition format). Anyhow, thought I'd throw these up here! If anyone is interested I can post photos of the original ones too.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Wallhanging project - some extra time

...short information concerning the wallhanging project:
'Anya and I decided to take some extra time because of the big size of our wallhanging projects, other projects that have to be finished and normal life, work,...'

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Eufemia's Star Dress

by the way - maybe some of you remember Anya's posting

and the pictures of the lovely stars she embroidered...

... and today it came to my mind that I made a photo of Mistress Eufemia wearing the dress with the stars applied to it at Midsummer Coronation in Finland last year - I think it looks really great!!


Saturday, 4 August 2007

Ingrid's blackworked collar and cuffs

Hello again. I finished the set of collar and cuffs that I was embroidering for my friend Ingrid, and I thought I should share the results here with you.

I am using a linen ground fabric which (by happy chance) is an even weave fabric. This is the best kind as it makes the geometric patterns nice and squared like they are supposed to be. The thread I've been using is Gütermans silk sewing thread, and each stitch is taken over two threads of my ground fabric. I am using Holbein stitch (also called double running stitch), which makes a single unbroken line in two passes of the running stitches. So the entire embroidery is reversible - save for a few less than perfect anchorings of my thread.

The pattern is one drafted by Viscountess Helwig Ulfsdotter from a photo in Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd which I had saved from one of her classes. As always there are adjustments to be made at the edges of the embroidery and for the collar I closed the two rows of embroidery up in as seamless a way as possible at either edge. Since the cuffs are made up of a single row of my pattern I let those ends curl back in on itself to prevent too much white space happening.

Finally, here are photos of the finished embroidery. (Click for large versions)
16th C Blackwork embroidery for Ingrid, collar and cuffs (July 2007)16th C Blackwork embroidery for Ingrid, collar and cuffs (July 2007)16th C Blackwork embroidery for Ingrid, collar and cuffs (July 2007)

Sunday, 29 July 2007

...btw: I made a new photo of my wallhanging unrolled - 6 "windows" are finished by now... :)

Friday, 27 July 2007


Greetings fellow Drachenwald embroiderers. I am Lady Lia de Thornegge, normally residing in the shire of Aros in Nordmark. Racaire enjoined us to introduce ourselves and our favourite stitch, so I am here to say I love counted blackwork embroidery using Holbein stitch making the entire thing reversible.

This stitch is worked using silk thread on even weave linen in geometric patterns. There are loads to be found on the 'net and more to be found in books, Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd by Janet Arnold, being one of the latter. As that title suggests this is a stitch most famous in the Elizabethan era, where it creates a striking pattern with black on white for very little effort. I've made a few items of clothing incorporating blackwork embroidery and they can be seen on my webpage, along with a couple of other items:

I am currently working on a set of collar and cuffs that is due to go on a shirt of this period (mid to late 16th Century). I am not keeping it for myself, rather it is a little encouragement gift for a lady living in the middle of nowhere (as far as the SCA is concerned) whom I would like to see in late period clothing. I am crafty that way.

Les Singvliers Et Novveaux Povrtraicts

Charts of the non-lace patterns in Vinciolo's book constructed by Lucrezia dei Bracchi:
I was looking for this since years - yay!

Thursday, 26 July 2007

cross stitch, blackwork and pattern recreation

I'll follow wish of introducing oneself. tb is me, Anna Syveken, and I like to try out a lot of new stuff. Right now I have two "projects":

1) trying out Hohlsaumstickerei. (hem stitching)

2) trying to create a pattern for this piece of cloth:

It can be found at the museum of Fine Arts, Boston, with the following information: Punto di Milano, Italian, 16th–17th century. Overall: 10 x 132 cm (3 15/16 x 51 15/16 in.)Linen and silk; embroidery. White linen embroidered with red silk. Carolina Amari. Greek needle work. Gift of James William Paige, 1883. Accession number: 83.236.

So far I don't have an idea, which kind of stitch it is. Blackwork combined with cross stitch maybe?

I love geometric patterns and to create patterns from existing pieces of cloth. Normally I like to learn new techniques but I'm not the type of stitcher to start a bigger project, because I want to see results very quick.

So, I guess, that's it for now. :)
I had the idea to make a "FAQ" part for my Refilsaum handout - at the moment I am writing my ideas for it down and work at some pictures for it - someone of you interested to read it here before I add it to my handout?

btw. someone else here who would like to introduce him/herself and tell us about his/hers (favourite) embroidery techniques? :D

Monday, 23 July 2007

Silk Embroidery

This was my first attempt to do embroidery in silk.
I made a panache on my new blue cap.

It really came about because I'm a klutz and was constantly smashing my feathers. I'd seen Fiona stitching one and thought that was the best solution for me.

I used the Button Hole Stitch for the bezant and then back stitch and satin stitch for the feathers.

I'm quite happy with the result and I'm planning some more silk embroidery in the future.

Introduction :)

...btw. for all people who don't know me by now - if you are interested in my embroidery projects that I have done till now, please visit my personal embroidery blog or my homepage - photos tell more than thousand words can :)

Anya and I started the wallhanging project last year: "the wall hanging project is the result of a personal challenge between Racaire and Anya to recreate a medieval wall hanging of their choice..." - I won't finish it in time but I hope that I will be able to finish my part of the project within this year.

addition (25.07.2007 - @Emma: Thanks for the idea):

stitches I have used till now:
- Klosterstich (self-couching technique)
- Refilsaum (Bayeux-Stitch / laid and couched work)
- Stem Stitch
- Satin Stitch (& couched Satin Stitch)
(- Chain Stitch, - Buttonhole Stitch, - cross stitch, - running stitch, Backstitch, surface couching stitches, - detached chain stitch, - buttonhole loops, ...)

and I have also tried some beadwork and needle-made lace

Sunday, 22 July 2007

How to join the Embroidery Workshop...

...dear gentle Lords and Ladies who want to join our small project:

please feel free to send me an eMail (because most of you don't show their eMail address at their personal blogger section) and I need it for the invitation-eMail
you can find my eMail address at my personal blogger section or in the menue at the left side ("eMail the staff")

YIS Racaire

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Eufemia's Star Dress (Anya)

Here are all the little stars I did for Eufemia's Star dress...and all of them in a month and a half! So some of them are a little rushed, and they get less full as time ran out. the metal and satin stitch stars look a bit loose here but when they are being worn they pull straight (if that makes any sense?)