Sunday, 29 July 2007

...btw: I made a new photo of my wallhanging unrolled - 6 "windows" are finished by now... :)


Emma said...

Would you mind telling us what kind of scroll frame you are using?
And... where I could get one?

I have a scroll frame that isn't working well. The screws don't tighten down enough and so I get too much slack in the fabric.

Racaire said...

hmmmmmm - that's a good question because I don't remember the company I got the frame from but here in Vienna are 3shops who are selling this kind of frame in different sizes - I don't think that my frame is something special

one of this shops (where I buyed my smaller rolling frame) is:
maybe they are shipping to germany too - you can call them if you like (I would love to offer you to go and ask them myself but I am sorry that I have to work during their opening times)

Racaire said...

...and here an old posting about frame shopping in austria ;)