Saturday, 20 March 2010

Project "Coat of Arms Wallhanging for Drachenwald" - second patch finished: Shire Ad Flumen Caerulum :)

Today I finished my first patch for the "Coat of Arms Wallhanging for Drachenwald" project - Shire Ad Flumen Caerulum - done in: Refilsaum, Satin Stitch, Stem Stitch

I think the red outlines are very striking but they make the whole appearance of the coat of arms more interesting... :)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Many thanks to Chrisi and Katharina for pointing me to this page with registered coat of arms of our kingdom :)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Members

If you do not want your SCA name and/or group to be listed here,
please contact the
guild head

New members of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - March:

~ added 14.03.2010: ~

53) Amal binti Hamid Al-Chania (Aarnimetsä)

additional information:
Guild Head: Lady Racaire
Aarnimetsä - region guild head: Lady Eilgri Beccan
Central - region guild head: Lady Racaire
Insulae Draconis - region guild head: Lady Jahanarabanu Vivana
Nordmark - region guild head: fru Renika Rikardsdottir
South - region guild head: - (Lady Racaire)

Yis Racaire
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head

Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Newsletter March 2010 - Reminder "Coat of Arms Wallhanging for Drachenwald" Project

Dear honourable Lords and Ladies, gentle members of the "Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild" and "-eMail Group"!

I want to thank all lords and ladies who volunteered to do one or more patches for the "Coat of Arms Wallhanging for Drachenwald" project and especially fru Renika Rikardsdottir for her great work in the Nordmark region, because she was able to find enough volunteers to cover 50% of the coat of arms of Nordmark.

The project list of participants still fills up slowly - therefore, if you would like to know if someone already volunteered for the coat of arms of your shire, canton, barony, principality,... you can take a look at the list at our Dragon's Embroidery Workshop:

I am very happy to announce that the first patch for the "Coat of Arms Wallhanging for Drachenwald" project has been already finished by lady Christina Adorjan, a member of my shire Ad Flumen Caerulum - she made a patch for the Canton Hukka.
You can find a photo of this patch here:

...and I am still looking for volunteers for the following coats of arms:
Denmark: Eresborg
Finland: Humalasalo, Kaarnemaa, Miehonlinna, Poukka, Torna, Unikankare
France: Chateau du Ciel
Germany: Aventiure, Baerenau, Blauwasser, Drachensheim, Drei Eichen, Emerald Glen, Greifenthal, Isengau, Meadowmarsh; Monarchs Rest, Nebelwald, Rauchenderberg, Schwarzloch, Tor zum Norden, Turmstadt
Greece: Nea Nikopolis
United Kingdom, Ireland & Iceland: King's Lake, Dun in Mara, Eplaheimr, Flintheath, Glen Rathlin, Harpelstane, Hrafnsborg, Klakavirki, Pont Alarch, West Dragonshire
Israel: Ma Ale Giborim
Italy: Campfiamme, Infimus Mons Aureus, Ranaan
Belgium, Netherlands: Polderslot
South Africa: Griffin's Tor
Spain: Alcazar de Brioga
Sweden: Baggeholm, Holmrike, Juneborg, Skelitta, Ulvberget, Uma, Viterheim
(if you are missing a shire,... on my list, please let me know)

It would be really great if we could cover all coats at least one time!
...and if the coat of arms you would like to do is already covered by another lord or lady, please don't worry and apply for it - every coat of arms can be made more than one time! (just not by the same artisan :)

...and again the project text in English:

________________ ~*~ ________________

1st Guild Project - "Coat of Arms Wallhanging for Drachenwald"

- Fabric: linen fabric
- Fabric size:
-> Shire & Strongholds: 10,0 x 10,0 cm (3,94 x 3,94 inch) + ca. 1,5 cm (0,59 inch) Surplus for sewing
-> Kingdom, Principality, Barony coat of arms: 20,0 x 20,0 cm + ca. 1,5 cm (0,59 inch) Surplus for sewing
- Fabric color: every color allowed
- Embroidery: every technique allowed
- Important restrictions:
-> Only coat of arms of Drachenwald shires, strongholds,...
-> Every person can make several patches but every coat of arms only one time!
( avoid a wallhanging only consisting of the coat of arms of three or four shires... but you can also embroider the coat of arms of your neighbor shire or a shire where your friends live...)
- End date: October 2010 (please send in your patches till 1st of October)

This project is open to everyone - you don't need to be a Guild member to join this project.
Every embroidery technique and skill is welcome - please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested!!

PS: There is also the possibility to add a 'Totentanz'/"dead shires" row at the bottom of the wallhanging to remember some shires of the past that once were important for some of you.
________________ ~*~ ________________

You can find the project text in Finnish here:
...and in here in German:

...and back to the 'normal' Guild business - btw. a link to my recently taken pictures of an embroidered woolen intarsia tapestry from Switzerland from 1643 can be found at the end of the text...:

Guild Membership Roll:
I am very happy to welcome Isabella of Vielburgen as a new member to the Guild - now we have 52 members.
( )

Guild Blog - Dragon's Embroidery Workshop:
If you would like to join the Workshop, just write me an eMail! ( )
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- Insulae Draconis Fibre Arts Interest Group ( )
- Aarnimetsä Embroidery Basket ( )

Guild Projects / Challenges:
- The 1st Guild Project 2010 - "Coat of Arms Wallhanging for Drachenwald"
During the Guild Meeting at University we decided to start an open Guild Project to make 'coat of arms' Wallhangings that can be used as decoration for kingdom and smaller events :)

Misc. Projects / Challenges:
- A&S 50 Challenge ( )
- A&S 50 Challenge Drachenwald Blog ( )

...and for all members, who are interested into intarsia embroidery or late period embroideries from Switzerland or this part of Europe- I could take many pictures of an embroidered Woollen Intarsia Tapestry from Valais, Switzerland, from 1643:
I think this is a nice addition to the lovely Intarsia Tapestries from Sweden :)

Yours in Service
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head

photos - embroidered Woollen Tapestry (1643)

Ursprünglich hochgeladen von racaire
fyi: some photos taken at the Intarsia exhibition on display at the 'Österr. Museum für Volkskunde' here in Vienna, Austria (end of the exhibition: Sunday 14.03.2010)