Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Members

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New members of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - January:

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40) Johanna von Steinwedel (Central)

additional information:
Guild Head: Lady Racaire
Aarnimetsä - region guild head: Lady Eilgri Beccan
Central - region guild head: Lady Racaire
Insulae Draconis - region guild head: Lady Jahanarabanu Vivana
Nordmark - region guild head: fru Renika Rikardsdottir
(South: no members until now)

Yis Racaire
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Greetings and introduction

Hi all,

My name is Roland, and my girlfriend Karen and I have just moved from New Zealand to the UK. We were both in the SCA in NZ, and have now joined the Shire of Thamesreach. In the SCA we are known as Peregrine Flamstead and Emayn de Whytacre. We went to the Drachenwald midwinter coronation in Germany earlier this month, and had a great time meeting the wonderful people of this kingdom. Jahanara invited us to join this blog, so that we can see the brilliant work being done in this kingdom, and to also share our own projects.

I am currently working on a 14thC embroidered hat. While I have done some simple embroidery before, mainly stem-stitch, applique and simple wool couching, I have never done split-stitch. So this project is my first foray into split-stitch. I have a felt hat blank, which I will be covering in fabric. The split-stitch embroidery will be around the lower rim of the hat. It is being done with silk thread from the excellent handweavers studio here in London. The fabric is a medium weight silk tabby, with a light linen backing. All of the embroidery has been done with a hand made brass needle that I made myself. The upper part of the hat will be covered in a red silk velvet, scattered with pearls.

I have now completed almost all of the embroidery. The next stage will involve couching gold thread onto the design. While Karen has used gold thread before numerous times, it has only ever been the 'fake' gold thread (Japan Thread). As this project will use very little gold thread, I am considering using 'real' gold thread. And so my question to the expertise of the group, is if anybody knows where to source real gold thread from? I have looked around a bit on the internet, but to no avail. I have heard several people say it is available from somewhere. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached a few photos of the current state of my embroidery. As you can see, it is not finished yet! All of the animals and birds have been taken directly out of the 'Romance of Alexander', a 14thC illuminated manuscript. The gold thread will be used as the interconnecting vines, that can be seen in pencil. At Jahanara's request, I have also included a few pictures of Karen's work. The sleeves are from a dress she made a few years ago. They are embroidered with silk split-stitch, gold couching and pearls. The design of the embroidery was inspired by the background pattern of Geoffrey Luttrell's shield in the Luttrell Psalter. The completed pouch she just finished recently, and the in-progress project is an embroidered pouch done in the style of a 14thC 'lovers pouch'. All of her projects shown are silk thread on silk fabric. The two pouches have been done with brass needles.

And in case anyone is interested, I have a gallery and documentation of my other work here. We really look forward to being involved in the A&S community here and hope to see you all at some stage!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Embroidery Question

Some of you will remember the hood project that I began several months ago. I have completed one roundel (of 8). I have the second roundel outlined on the hood itself.
I have finally gotten back to this project. I am finding the large frame that it is on to be very unweildly. I can work with it, as I have a very nice stand. However it is very cumbersome to move the stand in place and out of place when I want to get up. I also recently entered my 7th C Persian sleeves in the Kingdom A&S Competition. One of the comments I received recommended embroidering onto a separate piece of fabric and applying that fabric to the end product to help in placement of the embroidery. I know there is a lot of debate as to whether or not this was a medieval practice or is embroidery was taken off aging garments and then placed on new garments. I think either practice is reasonable. I am concerned about the placement of the roundels if I embroidery directly onto the hood now. As I will be spending literally hundreds of hours on this project, I think I would be absolutely heartbroken if the roundels did not look right on the final project. Then again I'm worried about how applying them as well. I worry how applied roundels might effect the way the hood lies and getting the edges finished well and sewing them on without showing the other fabric.

So I'm looking for advice and other's experience. What have you done in the past, for any kind of garment, what would you recommend?

Thanks for "listening",

Embroidery - Lady Gunhild von Brunswik

Ursprünglich hochgeladen von racaire
...again - embroidery of my good friend Lady Gunhild von Brunswik (Germany, Hamburg) :)
best regards

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Embroidery Challenge 2009

Dear honourable Lords and Ladies, gentle members of the "Dragon Needle Embroidery Guild" and "-eMail Group"!

A new year started and also a new challenge - many thanks to Mistress Anya who wrote the following invitation for our new challenge, that I may forward to you.
...btw. many thanks to Lady Jahanarabanu who provided the great idea for the new requirements of '25% a new documented stitch' and/or '25% a new design element' - to make it possible for people who have an early persona to join our challenge.

Best regards from Vienna
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head


Hi all! It's that time again!
I am pleased to announce the beginning of our third annual embroidery challenge! This year, due to last year's many ambitious projects, we decided to keep the same theme. Those who aren't finished with last year's projects will use the next challenge to finish up, while allowing new embroiderers to join.
Anyone is whole-heartedly welcome to participate! The guidelines are as follows: The theme is "something to keep you warm", which means now is your chance to make and embroider those hats, gloves, cloaks, coats, hose, etc you've been meaning to start forever! The projects must be done in at least 25% a documented stitch you've never tried before, and/or 25% a new design element you've never tried before.
You can find the blog here: http://keep-you-warm-2.blogspot.com/
If you are interested in taking part, please email either me, Racaire, or Jahhanara through the blog.
Looking forward to seeing all of you there!!!!

Grüße an alle! Es ist wieder einmal diese ganz besondere Zeit! Ich freue mich darüber, den Beginn der dritten, jährlichen 'Embroidery Challenge' hiermit zu verkünden. Aufgrund der vielen ambitionierten Projekte des letzten Jahres haben wir uns dazu entschlossen, das Thema beizubehalten. Alle, die ihre letztjährigen Projekte nicht beenden konnten, können die neue Herausforderung dazu nutzen, ihre Projekte nunmehr fertig zu stellen und neue Teilnehmer haben nunmehr die Möglichkeit sich dieser Challenge anzuschließen.
Wir freuen uns von ganzem Herzen über jeden neuen Teilnehmer!
Die Vorgaben sind wie folgt: Das Thema ist "Something to keep you warm" (Etwas, was dich warm hält), was bedeutet, dass nun die Chance besteht, all die Hütte, Handschuhe, Mäntel, Kleider, Strümpfe, uvm. herzustellen und zu besticken, die ihr schon immer machen wolltet! Das Projekt muss zumindest zu 25% aus einem dokumentierten Stich bestehen, den du bislang noch nicht verwendest bzw. versucht hast und/oder zu 25% aus einem neuen Design Element, dass du bislang noch nie verwendet hast.
Du kannst den Blog hier finden: http://keep-you-warm-2.blogspot.com
Falls du daran interessiert bist, dich unserer Challenge anzuschließen, dann bitte kontaktiere entweder mich, Racaire, oder Jahanara durch den Blog.
Wir freuen uns schon sehr darauf, euch alle dort wiederzusehen!!!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Let´s work together

Remember Lady Sahra and her beautiful new hood (pictures send here at Sunday, 4 May 2008)? Here are some pictures about one of her last projects. This is a purse made for her 14th century wedding dress. The model is from V&A Museum’s book about their textile collection, embroidery in Britain from 1200 to 1750. The model is a detail of the embroidered mittens from late 16th century or early 17th century. The model was chosen because it looked so nice and it looked like it can be made by silk and bead embroidery. I have helped her little bit with the outlines.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Newsletter January - New Year 2009 & Pennsic Giftbasket

Dear honourable Lords and Ladies, gentle members of the "Dragon Needle Embroidery Guild" and "-eMail Group"!

The year 2008 passed by and now we may welcome the new year 2009 - I hope all your wishes will come true! :)

A new king and queen have assumed the Thrones of our beautiful kingdom Drachenwald and their heirs will need some help to fill their 'Pennsic giftbasket' - therefore I forward a short message from Meisterinne Katheryn Hebenstreitz at the end of my report.
I ask you to join me and make something for the 'Pennsic giftbasket' - please don't forget to show your lovely gifts at our Dragon's Embroidery Workshop blog :)

Guild Membership Roll
We have still 39 members

Guild Badge:
Our guild badge went out on a kingdom internal letter of intent in July 2008 - maybe we might have a registered guild badge about February

Guild Charter:
Sorry, still in progress - I hope I will be able to finish my first draft soon.

Guild Blog - Dragon's Embroidery Workshop
Please keep on sharing your wonderful work!
...and if you would like to join the Workshop and share your work, please don't hesitate to write me an eMail!

Guild Projects / Challenges:
The 'Something to keep you warm' project is closed now but there are still beautiful projects in progress that have to be finished during the next months - you can see pictures of this projects here: http://keep-you-warm.blogspot.com/ and again I send all participants a heartily thank you.
The next challenge for 2009 will start soon and as soon as all details are fixed, I will let you know.

Misc. Projects / Challenges:
- A&S 50 Challenge ( http://dragonsembroiderers.blogspot.com/2008/03/50-challenge.html ) - it would still be great to see more artisans from our beautiful kingdom joining this challenge.
- A&S 50 Challenge Drachenwald Blog (http://drachenwald-as50.blogspot.com/) - ...a blog where the participants of the A&S 50 Challenge living in Drachenwald may share their works, ask questions, encourage each other and generally support one another along the way.

_____~*~ message from Meisterinne Katheryn Hebenstreitz ~*~____

Pennsic i soon upon us! Even if you are not going – that is a concern for you.
Each year the Kingdom exchanges gifts with another Kingdom. (Yes, just one Kingdom, they have stoped exchanging with ALL Kingdoms.) And each year our King and Queen has to try to gather items for the giftbasket and each year there has been a struggle to get a respectable basket together.
The basket reflects upon the Kingdom – if we have a good basket our artisans will get a good reputation. And I think you can figure out what happens if we have a bad one...
I have sent out a call for items for baskets on several occasions and people have answered my call. But there is not only one gift basket – there is one coming up every single year – so the Kingdom is always in need of items!
And a lot of people think: Nah, someone else will answer this call. The result of that is that we get one or two small items – because everyone had the same thought....
So please – be the first one to say: I will do something!
So what can you, as an embroiderer do?
The items have the rule that they should be small, light and easy to transport since people have to take them in their weight limited luggage.
Here is a list of suggested items:
*needle books
*blackwork ribbons to put on a shirt
*Book marks

So what mofs could be used?
We don't know what Kingdom we are exchanging gifts with and most likely we won't know until mid June.
The gifts need to be done by mid July.
So if you want to do something now here are a few suggestions:

Rose – the Queen will become or perhaps already is a member of the Order of the Rose.
Pelicans and Laurels – the King and Queen might be members of the orders or they might need things for elevations coming up.
Other than that – use your imagination and try to stay away from things that are obviously made for a certain Kingdom.
If you wish to wait and make something for them with the kingdom arms on – remember that everything with the Kingdom arms becomes part of the regalia! If you want them to be able to keep what you make, stick to populace badges.
I will announce what Kingdom we are exchanging gifts with on the Drachenwald mailinglist as soon as I know.
If you have further questions please feel free to contact me at:
amadejska @ gmail . com

For Drachenwald
Meisterinne Katheryn Hebenstreitz
_____~*~ end of message ~*~_____

Please keep on sharing your wonderful work - regardless if embroidery, woven tapestry, illumination, wood-, leather- or metal-work,.. every project is a great inspiration for other people!

Yours in Service
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head