Sunday, 29 July 2007

...btw: I made a new photo of my wallhanging unrolled - 6 "windows" are finished by now... :)

Friday, 27 July 2007


Greetings fellow Drachenwald embroiderers. I am Lady Lia de Thornegge, normally residing in the shire of Aros in Nordmark. Racaire enjoined us to introduce ourselves and our favourite stitch, so I am here to say I love counted blackwork embroidery using Holbein stitch making the entire thing reversible.

This stitch is worked using silk thread on even weave linen in geometric patterns. There are loads to be found on the 'net and more to be found in books, Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe Unlock'd by Janet Arnold, being one of the latter. As that title suggests this is a stitch most famous in the Elizabethan era, where it creates a striking pattern with black on white for very little effort. I've made a few items of clothing incorporating blackwork embroidery and they can be seen on my webpage, along with a couple of other items:

I am currently working on a set of collar and cuffs that is due to go on a shirt of this period (mid to late 16th Century). I am not keeping it for myself, rather it is a little encouragement gift for a lady living in the middle of nowhere (as far as the SCA is concerned) whom I would like to see in late period clothing. I am crafty that way.

Les Singvliers Et Novveaux Povrtraicts

Charts of the non-lace patterns in Vinciolo's book constructed by Lucrezia dei Bracchi:
I was looking for this since years - yay!

Thursday, 26 July 2007

cross stitch, blackwork and pattern recreation

I'll follow wish of introducing oneself. tb is me, Anna Syveken, and I like to try out a lot of new stuff. Right now I have two "projects":

1) trying out Hohlsaumstickerei. (hem stitching)

2) trying to create a pattern for this piece of cloth:

It can be found at the museum of Fine Arts, Boston, with the following information: Punto di Milano, Italian, 16th–17th century. Overall: 10 x 132 cm (3 15/16 x 51 15/16 in.)Linen and silk; embroidery. White linen embroidered with red silk. Carolina Amari. Greek needle work. Gift of James William Paige, 1883. Accession number: 83.236.

So far I don't have an idea, which kind of stitch it is. Blackwork combined with cross stitch maybe?

I love geometric patterns and to create patterns from existing pieces of cloth. Normally I like to learn new techniques but I'm not the type of stitcher to start a bigger project, because I want to see results very quick.

So, I guess, that's it for now. :)
I had the idea to make a "FAQ" part for my Refilsaum handout - at the moment I am writing my ideas for it down and work at some pictures for it - someone of you interested to read it here before I add it to my handout?

btw. someone else here who would like to introduce him/herself and tell us about his/hers (favourite) embroidery techniques? :D

Monday, 23 July 2007

Silk Embroidery

This was my first attempt to do embroidery in silk.
I made a panache on my new blue cap.

It really came about because I'm a klutz and was constantly smashing my feathers. I'd seen Fiona stitching one and thought that was the best solution for me.

I used the Button Hole Stitch for the bezant and then back stitch and satin stitch for the feathers.

I'm quite happy with the result and I'm planning some more silk embroidery in the future.

Introduction :)

...btw. for all people who don't know me by now - if you are interested in my embroidery projects that I have done till now, please visit my personal embroidery blog or my homepage - photos tell more than thousand words can :)

Anya and I started the wallhanging project last year: "the wall hanging project is the result of a personal challenge between Racaire and Anya to recreate a medieval wall hanging of their choice..." - I won't finish it in time but I hope that I will be able to finish my part of the project within this year.

addition (25.07.2007 - @Emma: Thanks for the idea):

stitches I have used till now:
- Klosterstich (self-couching technique)
- Refilsaum (Bayeux-Stitch / laid and couched work)
- Stem Stitch
- Satin Stitch (& couched Satin Stitch)
(- Chain Stitch, - Buttonhole Stitch, - cross stitch, - running stitch, Backstitch, surface couching stitches, - detached chain stitch, - buttonhole loops, ...)

and I have also tried some beadwork and needle-made lace

Sunday, 22 July 2007

How to join the Embroidery Workshop...

...dear gentle Lords and Ladies who want to join our small project:

please feel free to send me an eMail (because most of you don't show their eMail address at their personal blogger section) and I need it for the invitation-eMail
you can find my eMail address at my personal blogger section or in the menue at the left side ("eMail the staff")

YIS Racaire

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Eufemia's Star Dress (Anya)

Here are all the little stars I did for Eufemia's Star dress...and all of them in a month and a half! So some of them are a little rushed, and they get less full as time ran out. the metal and satin stitch stars look a bit loose here but when they are being worn they pull straight (if that makes any sense?)

Friday, 20 July 2007

Welcome to the Dragon's Embroidery Workshop

To all gentle Lords and Ladies interested into embroidery,

today I opened the doors of the Dragon's Embroidery Workshop and I would be happy if some of you would like to join me in this small project.
According to Mistress Bridget Dragon's Scriptorium I would like to enlarge the possibilities for our embroiderers and create a place where we can post images of our work and discuss projects. Like Mistress Bridget I would like to provide a safe and helpful environment to encourage improvement in the embroidery arts, to address questions and problems that embroiderer have and to encourage each other. Like Mistress Bridget I will leave how each scribe who joins this circle hosts their images. The blog provides a central place for us to discuss the work outside the Dragon Embroidery Guild-Mailinglist and to show it to the populace.

I hope that this blog will encourage new members to begin with embroidery and 'old' embroiderers to start new and interesting projects.

If you would like to join this small project of mine please feel free to send me a message.

YIS Racaire