Monday, 23 July 2007

Introduction :)

...btw. for all people who don't know me by now - if you are interested in my embroidery projects that I have done till now, please visit my personal embroidery blog or my homepage - photos tell more than thousand words can :)

Anya and I started the wallhanging project last year: "the wall hanging project is the result of a personal challenge between Racaire and Anya to recreate a medieval wall hanging of their choice..." - I won't finish it in time but I hope that I will be able to finish my part of the project within this year.

addition (25.07.2007 - @Emma: Thanks for the idea):

stitches I have used till now:
- Klosterstich (self-couching technique)
- Refilsaum (Bayeux-Stitch / laid and couched work)
- Stem Stitch
- Satin Stitch (& couched Satin Stitch)
(- Chain Stitch, - Buttonhole Stitch, - cross stitch, - running stitch, Backstitch, surface couching stitches, - detached chain stitch, - buttonhole loops, ...)

and I have also tried some beadwork and needle-made lace

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Emma said...

This is truely amazing.

Would you mind telling us what stitches are you using?