Thursday, 24 September 2009

Guild Charter

fyi - I got a very good message from our gentle Queen Judith:

The Guild Charter is approved!

Dragons Needle Embroidery Guild – Guild Charter

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Guild is to encourage historic embroidery and fibre arts and to promote the art and enjoyment of historical needlework within the context of the SCA.

2. Membership

Membership to the Guild is open to every person who is interested in embroidery and/or fibre arts regardless of skill or level and who is willing to support the Guild’s purpose. Members should, in general, live inside the borders of the Kingdom of Drachenwald, but because of the history of our kingdom everyone who has a relationship to Drachenwald may join the Guild. Membership in the Guild is strictly voluntary.

2.1. Start of Membership
A person indicates their willingness to join the Guild by sending a request to the Guild Head or the regional Guild Head (who will forward the request to the Guild Head) and by providing following information:
- mundane name:
- SCA name:
- SCA group:
- SCA region:
- SCA membership-number:
- contact information:
- optional information - your embroidery techniques:
- optional information - homepage/blog:
The membership starts with the confirmation by the Guild Head and will be posted at the Dragon’s Embroidery Workshop Blog (label: ‘Guild Member-List’).

2.2. End of Membership
The membership ends when a member indicates their willingness to leave the Guild. In cases of serious breaches of conduct the membership of a member may also be ended by the Guild Head.

3. Guild Badge

Every member of the Dragon’s Needle Embroidery Guild has the right to wear the registered Guild Badge: “(Fieldless) On a dragon passant coward sable a needle palewise Or.”

4. Guild Structure

4.1. Kingdom / Guild Head
The Guild Head shall guide the Guild, support the Guild’s purpose, and represents the Guild in all matters concerning the Guild and the SCA. The Guild Head oversees the activities of the Guild and reports semi-annual to the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences - the reports are due May 15 and November 15. New deputies may be created if and when required in the discretion of the Guild Head.
When the officiating Guild Head wants to retire, the Guild Head may appoint a volunteer for this position. If this is not possible, the Regional Guild Heads may choose a Guild Head among the members of the Guild, if a vote is necessary the person with the majority of votes will become the new head. As soon as new Guild Head is chosen, the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences must be informed. The position of the Guild Head is restricted to members of the Guild.

4.2. Regional / Regional Guild Heads
The Guild Head encourages the regions to work as independently as possible to ensure the regional needs are met. Therefore the regions are encouraged to choose a Regional Guild Head among their own members or appoint a volunteer for this position. The Regional Guild Heads (also called Local Guild Heads) oversee the activities of the regional Guilds and report to the Guild Head. If the members of a region choose a Regional Guild Head or the Regional Guild Head changes, the change must be reported immediately to the Guild Head. If a region has no Regional Guild Head, the Guild Head oversees the activities of the region. The position of the Regional Guild Head is restricted to members of the Guild.

4.3. Local / Local Guilds & Interest Groups
Local guilds and Interest Groups should be encouraged. Affiliation with the Kingdom Guild is not required, but strongly encouraged. Regional Guild Heads should offer all possible assistance to Local Guilds & Interest Groups.

5. Guild Charter

The purpose of the Guild Charter is to contain the rules/statutes for the most important points concerning the Guild and its members and must be kept as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Copies of the Guild Charter which the Guild operates under are available from the Guild Head.

5.1 Guild Charter changes
Proposals for changes or additions concerning the Guild Charter may be submitted to the Guild Head by all members.
Changes or additions to the Guild Charter may be created if and when required in the discretion of the Guild Head. The Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences and the Guild members must be informed about every change to the Guild Charter immediately.

6. Guild Program

Guild Programs may be established by the Guild Head to encourage study and development of needlework skills, and shall offer a forum for those who wish to measure their progress and skill in a self-paced non-competitive environment.
When established, the Guild Programs will be available from the Guild Head as stand alone appendix to the Guild Charter.

6.1 Guild Program members
The Guild Program participation is restricted to members of the Guild. A member indicates their willingness to join the Guild Programs by sending a request to the Guild Head. Membership starts with confirmation by the Guild Head.

6.2 Guild Program changes & additions
The Guild Head oversees the Guild Programs. Changes or additions to the Guild Program may be created if and when required in the discretion of the Guild Head and must be reported to the Guild Program members as soon as possible.

6.3 End of Guild Program membership
The membership ends when a member indicates their willingness to leave the Guild Program.

7. Guild Challenges & Projects

Annual challenges and projects should be encouraged. To serve the guild's purpose the challenges & projects should be also open to all SCA members, if this is possible because of the challenge/project theme.

8. A&S and Guild Displays

The members of the guild are encouraged to display their work at A&S and Guild Displays. Whenever possible, the person responsible for the Guild Display should cooperate with the person responsible for the A&S Display.

I want to thank Mistress Jaelle for her great help concerning the content of the Guild Charter and also our gentle Queen Judith de Northumbria and our gentle King Gerhardt von Wustenburg for the fast approval.

Next step - writing down the document to get it signed by our Majesties at University! :)

Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Members

If you do not want your SCA name and/or group to be listed here,
please contact the
guild head

New members of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - September:

~ added 21.09.2009: ~

42) Lady Gunnhild von Brunswiek (Central)

additional information:
Guild Head: Lady Racaire
Aarnimetsä - region guild head: Lady Eilgri Beccan
Central - region guild head: Lady Racaire
Insulae Draconis - region guild head: Lady Jahanarabanu Vivana
Nordmark - region guild head: fru Renika Rikardsdottir
South - region guild head: - (Lady Racaire)

Yis Racaire
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Scarletworked coif action shot

An update, I found at least one decent picture of Helwig wearing the coif and forehead cloth at Midsummer coronation in Edricus' album from the event. Check it out here.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Scarletworked coif

Hello fellow embroiderers.

This summer I worked on a small project of embroidery for my Laurel, Helwig Ulfsdotter. I made a forehead cloth and coif set for her elevation. I took the pattern for the coif from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 4, and the forehead cloth that goes with this coif has the same dimensions as many extant forehead cloths kept at the Boston Museum of Fine arts (roughly 40 cm x 20 cm).

The embroidery pattern is taken from an extant coif, found via Christie's auction site. The thread used is Splendor silk. It comes as 12 ply, and I used two threads, so each length of thread went a long way. It was fantastic to work with. I used stem stitch throughout the embroidery. I think the result was well worth the effort put in, and I can't wait to make myself a matching set of forehead cloth and coif.

Unfortunately I have no good photos of Mistress Helwig wearing the set. I'll try to get one though.

Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Newsletter September - 'Pennsic Gift Basket' & upcoming University

Dear honourable Lords and Ladies, gentle members of the "Dragon Needle Embroidery Guild" and "-eMail Group"!

Summer is leaving the main part of our wonderful kingdom, Autumn is rushing in and again a new newsletter is on its way to you :)

I want to thank all members who contributed to this years 'Pennsic Gift Basket' - it was a great pleasure for me to see the pictures of the lovely items that have been donated by the talented and generous artisans of our kingdom.
I also would like to thank the members of the Embroidery guild of Aarnimetsä for contributing gifts for the Queens Tea gift.

Furthermore I am very happy to forward the following message from Meisterinne Katheryn Hebenstreitz to you:


"Greetings to the members of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild!

I have finally managed to put up a few pictures of the gift basket our King and Queen could hand over to Their Majesties of Gleann Abhann at Pennsic this year.
Thank you so much to every single one of you that contributed to this glorious basket! It really was incredible!
You can find the pictures on the page I have linked to below. But I would like to point out that I did not photograph every single item and there are many more items I wish I had taken pictures of...
Also – thre are some pictures included of little embroidered bags for the Queens Tea gift. They were made by the Embroidery guild of Aarnimetsä. (It was Countess Fiona that was responsible for gathering items for Queens tea gifts.)

And now to my next piece of buisness.
There is a great need for items for next years Pennsic gift basket!
Let theese pictures inspire you – start a small project now – that gives you almost a year to finish it!
Help our upcoming Kings and Queens to show that Drachenwald indeed is the grandest of realms when it comes to the Arts and Sciences!
(Yeah – we do kick ass on the battlefield aswell – it was a pleasure watching Drachenwald salying their oponents on the battlefield!)
I will once again work though out the year to gather items for largess and gift basket for next years Pennsic.
Countess Fiona has graciously agreed to once again collect items for Queens Tea gifts – those gifts need not be large but we are in need of items for ALL the other Kingdoms of the Known world. Once again I urge
you to start now – then the work will not be all that tough.

If you have any quetsions, feel free to contact me at

In service
Katheryn Hebenstreitz"


Please also contribute to next years 'Pennsic Gift Basket' and Pennsic 'Queens Tea gifts' basket!

...and now back to guild business:

Guild Membership Roll:
41 members

Guild Charter:
During the last days of August the Guild Charter was sent to our Majesties, Regina Judith and Rex Gerhard, and also to the Kingdom Seneschal and the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Science with a request for approval - hopefully I will know more soon.
Still in progress.

Guild Blog - Dragon's Embroidery Workshop:
If you would like to join the Workshop and share your work, please don't hesitate to write me an eMail!

...related blogs:
- Insulae Draconis Fibre Arts Interest Group
- Aarnimetsä Embroidery Basket

Guild Projects / Challenges:
- The challenge 2009 'Something to keep you warm II'
There is still some time to start and finish a project - if you would like to participate please contact Mistress Anya, Lady Jahanara or me. :)

Misc. Projects / Challenges:
- A&S 50 Challenge
- A&S 50 Challenge Drachenwald Blog

November University:
Yes, my flight is booked to Hamburg and my bed at University is already paid - I am very looking forward to seeing you at University :)
As far as I can tell by now I will hold my Klosterstich class and if possible, due to the University schedule, I will also hold a guild meeting - please bring your projects for A&S display and Guild display!!!
If you have any questions or suggestions concerning University - please let me know

Yours in Service
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head