Monday, 7 September 2009

Scarletworked coif

Hello fellow embroiderers.

This summer I worked on a small project of embroidery for my Laurel, Helwig Ulfsdotter. I made a forehead cloth and coif set for her elevation. I took the pattern for the coif from Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 4, and the forehead cloth that goes with this coif has the same dimensions as many extant forehead cloths kept at the Boston Museum of Fine arts (roughly 40 cm x 20 cm).

The embroidery pattern is taken from an extant coif, found via Christie's auction site. The thread used is Splendor silk. It comes as 12 ply, and I used two threads, so each length of thread went a long way. It was fantastic to work with. I used stem stitch throughout the embroidery. I think the result was well worth the effort put in, and I can't wait to make myself a matching set of forehead cloth and coif.

Unfortunately I have no good photos of Mistress Helwig wearing the set. I'll try to get one though.

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Racaire said...

I am sure it looks gorgeous - can't wait to see the photos of Mistress Helwig wearing it :)