Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Meet and Greet at University

I took a look at the reservation list at University and it looks like some members of this blog and members of the embroidery guild will attend University too...

ok, a great chance - therefore:
What about a
"Meet and Greet at University"?

...and for everyone of you who wants to attend one of my two classes - bring your embroidery frame with you!!! :)

News: Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild

For all people who are interested into our Embroidery Guild but no member of our Guild-Mailinglist:

"To all members of the Dragon's Needle Guild does Freydis,
Guildmistress, sends greeting.

For some time now RL has placed many demands on me that have meant that I have had less time to attend to guild matters than I might have wished. I am therefore giving up the role of guildmistress and passing it on to Racaire, an embroideress of great talent. I know that she will inspire the embroiders of our Kingdom to create many and varied examples of the art of the needle.

Freydis, once-guildmistress"

...and this is my answer I sent to the Guild-Mailinglist:

"Dear gentle members of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild,
I send you greetings from Vienna, Austria.

Many thanks to the former Guildmistress Lady Freydis for all her great work and the time that she has spent for the embroidery guild and our beautiful hobby and for her gentle words about my person - I hope that I will do this work at least as good as she has done. With the help of Lady Freydis it will take some time for me to get an overview about the role of the guildmistress and the guild matters - please be patient with me.

...at this point I would like to draw your attention to this two small projects of THL Anya Mstyslavyaya and myself:

Some time ago we started a blog for the embroiderers of our beautiful Kingdom - please let us know if you would like to join us.
This blog was inspirated by the Dragon's Scriptorium blog of Mistress Bridget Greywolf and shall be "a place for the embroiderers of Drachenwald to show their own work & projects, ask questions, get answers and enjoy each other's company" - a possibility to get inspired or to inspire beginners, newcomers, guildmembers,...

We also started a new embroidery project at the beginning of September - "Something to keep you warm..." - please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to join this challenge.

If you would like to get to know me in real - I will be at the University in November and I am thinking about a "Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild meet and greet".
Concerning my own embroidery projects please visit my personal homepage or my embroidery blog.

Yours in Service,
designated new Guildmistress of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild"

Friday, 14 September 2007

Photos Tablecloth and Gown Project (Alenn)

Here are the Photos of my Tablecloth Anya asked for

On the first photo I hope ,to show that the motiv of the reindeers are printed on the tablecloth ,but it´s not good to see,I´m sorry

Also some photos from another project ,I started a time before.I wanted to finish the Gown since Summer Coronation these Year,but I have some trouble with my shouler and the Gown is to heavy to hold to finish the embroidery yet.It has to wait untill next Year

The Material of the Gown is Cotton in Curry Color and the Embroidery Yarn is from Anchor
The Stiches I used for the Gown ,was a mixture between Satin and Brick Stich Shading
The motiv were Ivy Leafs ,that i collect in the last autumn.You see, I work a long time on this Gown till know

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Test Test

At the moment I have to make some preparations for the this year's University, so today here are some photos from me:

I have photos of a gown I made after my pouch

The gown is a wool mixture and I embroidered it with crochet yarn ,with celtic motivs. I got the idea from last year's University, seen on Duke Sven's tunic. I'll try to show some more photos of me in the gown from this year's Nibelungen War. I hope I get it on the weekend.




Monday, 10 September 2007

Apprentice Belt (Anya)


Just thought I'd post some pictures of the apprentice belt I made for my apprentice sister Bridgid. It's hand woven (inkle) with dark green silk, backed with light green silk fabric with a leather interlining. The stitches are split stitch, satin stitch, and laid wire work. the embroidery threads are also silk.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Refilsaum handout updated

I added an appendix (FAQs) to my Refilsaum handout and the handout is now available at the homepage of the shire Ad Flumen Caerulum.

Yis Racaire