Friday, 14 September 2007

Photos Tablecloth and Gown Project (Alenn)

Here are the Photos of my Tablecloth Anya asked for

On the first photo I hope ,to show that the motiv of the reindeers are printed on the tablecloth ,but it´s not good to see,I´m sorry

Also some photos from another project ,I started a time before.I wanted to finish the Gown since Summer Coronation these Year,but I have some trouble with my shouler and the Gown is to heavy to hold to finish the embroidery yet.It has to wait untill next Year

The Material of the Gown is Cotton in Curry Color and the Embroidery Yarn is from Anchor
The Stiches I used for the Gown ,was a mixture between Satin and Brick Stich Shading
The motiv were Ivy Leafs ,that i collect in the last autumn.You see, I work a long time on this Gown till know

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