Saturday, 6 October 2007

Tokens for A&S Display - Ideas ?

Concerning Lady Fionas eMail to the Drachenwald Mailinglist:

We will be having A&S displays at both Crown Tourney and Kingdom University. Interested artisans should bring any type of A&S project that they would like to show to the populace. Projects will be displayed for the majority of the day on Saturday. See me Saturday morning as to where the display table will be.

Projects do not need to be finished. Many of the pieces shown over the last year have been only partially created and the feedback has been great! Documentation is not required but if you want to write a little bit about what you are doing or why, please do that.

The populace is encouraged to bring tokens to lay beside the pieces that they admire.

A HUGE thank you to all of the artisans who have been bringing projects to the A&S displays!!!! The turnout for the displays has been incredible and the number of projects being shown has been larger at each event.

Fiona Wiggins

I love this idea of tokens - does someone of you have an experience what kind of tokens are normally used at such an opportunity or ideas for tokens?
I hope some of you will bring their embroidery projects too - I would love to see them! :)
Yis Racaire


Melusine said...

The tokens can be anything you want. In the past I have recived a snall box of pearls, a pearl headed long (as in long enough to use in a hat) pin stuck through a beg containing two small pieces of dinnamon, beads, a coin stamped with the maker's mark, a pair of small candles tied with ribbon, a a decorative glass disc and a short length of silk inkle braid (makes a useful bookmark).

Currently, the tokens I give out include pewter buttons and Viking beads - the items can be attached to a length of silk whip-cord braid which (when I have organised some more) can be tied to a card with my name and device. I think it is nice if you know who gave you the token, though some prefer to be anonymous

Racaire said...

:) thanks for the info never got such tokens or didn't see such tokens given to someone therefore I wasn't sure what I shall make

(I got some small pearls from Jaelle for helping in the kitchen at coronation last year - was this a token too?)

Ormsweird said...

Much like Melusine I tend to leave small items. A favourite is elizabethan reproduction coins, or a small container with hard to get spices like grains of paradise has been left with my work before.

Alenn said...

i see at nibelungen on the display some viking pearls and litte acorns from zinn..adelina from my shire make some little fingerloops braids and myself plan for the university some little soaps or little needle books