Friday, 19 October 2007

Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Members

...because the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild has no homepage and I want to make the membership-list open to the public rather than to keep it secret - therefore a list of the members (in the order of their arrival till now):
If you do not want
your SCA name and/or group to be listed here,
please contact the
guild head

1) Racaire (Central - guild head)
2) Rakonczay Gergely (Aarnimetsä)
3) Thomas Paumer (Central)
4) Katherina Mornewegh (Central)
5) Lia de Thornegge (Scandinavia)
6) Edith of Hedingham (Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis)
7) Baroness Mary Verch Thomas (Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis)
8) Hudd de Peth (Kingdom of the Outlands)
9) Johanna aff Hucka (Aarnimetsä)
~ added 20.10.2007: ~
10) Eva Grelsdottir (Aarnimetsä)
~ added 21.10.2007: ~
11) Arnulf der Zeilner (Central)
12) Lady Jane Devereux (Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis)
~ added 22.10.2007: ~
13) Katharina Woinovich (Central)
~ added 23.10.2007: ~
14) Lady Eilgri Beccan (Aarnimetsä - Aarnimetsä region guild head)
~ added 27.10.2007: ~
15) Viscountess Helwig Ulfsdotter (Scandinavia)
~ added 30.10.2007: ~
16) Katharina von Owe (Central)

additional information:
Guild Head: Lady Racaire
Aarnimetsä - region guild head: Lady Eilgri Beccan
Nordmark: - (Lady Racaire)
Insulae Draconis: - (Lady Racaire)
Central: - (Lady Racaire)
South: - (Lady Racaire)

Guild Head Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild


Anonymous said...

I'm still in, but somewhat tired to write a third or fourth time my details. So well, just leave me away.

Racaire said...

replied per eMail