Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Hi, everyone!

I´ve been lurking here for a while and admiring the work you´ve done. Racaire kindly asked us to introduce ourselves, so here comes ;) my name is Eilgri Beccan, and I live in Aarnimetsä, in the canton of Hucca. I´ve been a Drachenwalder for over ten years now and interested in embroidery even longer. I hope I will have more time to spend with needles now that I´ve graduated, so I decided to finally become an active member of this guild.

There was a question at some point about the favorite embroidery techniques, and I have to admit I like appliqué. Mostly because it´s so fast to make and I don´t usually have that much time ;)

Here´s a picture of a heraldic purse I appliquéd for my friend last year.

I´ll try and find more pictures later...

Right now I´m working on a tunic for my little friend A (11 years old), who wanted something red with dragons. He even sent me a picture of the dragon he wanted (from a period manuscript, early 15th century), but wasn´t too spesific about the garment itself. I made him a tunic of beautiful red wool and am going to appliqué (what a surprise!) the dragons with black wool.

I was going to make a Viking tunic, since that´s what he´s been wearing lately, but then I realized his mother and brother are using 14th century. So now I´m trying to decide should I try to make the tunic look more like 14th cen by arranging the dragons in mi-parti style, or should I go with the Viking style? And should I do that, how would I place the creatures then? ;) Any ideas/suggestions?

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Racaire said...

Hi Eilgri!
Your purse looks beautiful and I am very looking forward to see more of your work :D

I also hope for some close ups and maybe some description of how-to-work it in the future because I haven't done applique till now and I am very nosy :)

concerning the tunic - my suggestion:
a) ask your little friend
b) how much time would it take you to make two tunics (1x Viking, 1x 14th century)
c) what would you prefer?
d) ask his mother and brother
(e) flip a coin? ;)