Friday, 5 October 2007

Meet and Greet at University II

Ok, it's rather difficult to make a 'Meet and Greet at University' on Saturday because everyone of the attending members of this blog or the guild will be very busy and "there are just to many things in the day" - considering this point (and because I am not useful without a lot of coffee in the morning) I think it would be best to make a 'Meet and Greet' without obligation on Friday evening (I will arrive at 06:30 pm on Friday at the airport and usually I don't get to bed to early).
I would love to get to know the members of this blog and the guild that I didn't meet in real live till now and I am very looking forward to a small 'Meet and Greet at University'.
Many thanks at this place to the Kingdom University Chancellor who is trying to fit it in :)

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