Sunday, 23 December 2007

Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild (Newsletter Christmas)

Dear gentle Lords and Ladies, members of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild, -Mailing List & Dragon's Embroidery Workshop!

I wish you all a merry christmas
a happy new year!

Due to some embroidery projects, university and real live I was very busy the last months, but with your great help (especially many thanks to Mistress Jaelle and Anna de Byxe for their great help) I was able to start with my second task, the guild badge.

Update - Guild Membership Roll:
I am very happy to announce that we got two new members during december and now have 24 members :)

Update - Guild Badge:
The poll concerning the guild badge is over now and following badge won:
"on a dragon sable (-> black) a needle or (=gold)"
Many thanks to all lords and ladies who participated in the poll! :)
I will contact Mistress Jaelle after the new years day concerning registration,... :)

Update - Guild Charter:
Because of the great interest that was shown concerning the guild badge, I started to work at the guild badge first - I will start with the rework of the guild charter after the new years day.

If someone of you would like to participate in the "Something to keep you warm" Project / Challenge of Mistress Anya and me - there is still enough time left to let us know and to join! :)
...and if you would like to join the Dragon's Embroidery Workshop or the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - please don't hesitate to write me an eMail! :)

Yours faithfully
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head
Racaire :)

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