Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Embroidery Challenge II: Son of Embroidery Challenge

Thats right everyone!
The second embroidery challenge will begin on September 1st and run for one year (Racaire and I haven't finished our wall hangings yet, but since there was alot of interest shown in the next challenge we decided to start challenge II as planned:-) )! This time everyone who is interested may participate. We are stressing both research and embroidery, and as last time, at least 50% of the project must be done in a stitch not normally used by you.
This time around we are going for a more functional theme : things to keep you warm! The item embroidered must also be made by you, and can be anything from blankets to hats, gloves to stockings, coats to cloaks! The blog is already up and running, so for more info you can look here:
If you wish to participate in this year's challenge, you can email either me or racaire, both of our email addresses are on the blog. Research and sewing can take place in the project time, so don't wait! To get an idea of how the challenges are run, you can also look at the blog for the first challenge (the wallhanging challenge) : http://wallhanging.blogspot.com/
Several people approached me at Nibelungan about participating in this project and said that they weren't on the DM-L, so please, if you know someone in your group that would be interested, please let them know!

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