Friday, 30 May 2008

New Project Planning

Although I have not finished my second sleeve yet, my husband has begged for a second embroidered hood, one that is light weight and can be worn more often. There are a lot of roundels used in Anglo-Saxon art. Anglo-Saxon art also uses stories and myths in it's iconography. I, therefore, decided that I would embroider a series of roundels on the hood that will "tell the story" of Odo's SCA career. I think the overall effect may be a bit later period in look, but will be completely done in Anglo-Saxon stitches.

The roundels will include Odo's heraldry, the Drachenwald populace badge, the ID sun, our household badge, the household champion's symbol (as he won that years ago and retains the right to use the symbol), the Huscarl badge, the Silverguard and the populace badge of our previous Kingdom (which will go in the center of the back to show his past).

I have considered adding an Anglo-Saxon style "border" around each roundel to make them look more Anglo-Saxon and a bit less like a series of late period badges. I would appreciate any ideas or comments on this idea! It will be some time before I get enough progress to post.


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Racaire said...

Photos?!? :D

Looking forward to see your progress :)