Sunday, 4 May 2008

Sahra´s new hood

Sahra is a member of Aarnimetsä Embroidery Guild, and she has made a marvellous hood. I only helped with posting ;) - Eilgri


I had a small piece of nicecoloured wool, so I made a hood embroidered with few decorations.
Two horses are originally from a piece of whalebone that was used to iron seems, the original piece is in National Museum in London (I think).
I drew the model on silkpaper and sow it on fabric using thin white thread. Then I did the embroidering and took the white thread away.
ALL the thread in decorations is thin wool, dyed with plants from Finnish nature! No, not me, I know an old lady who was a biology teacher and has a private arboretum... she makes wonderful colours!
In horses I tried the Bayeux tapestry´s stich for the first time, as you can see...
Still, I´m pleased to present this work to you, the hood looks actually very nice : )
And of course the hood is all handmade.

Sahra, Aarnimetsä


Jahanarabanu said...

This is beautiful! The color palette you use works really well together. The embroidery is well done, as is your hand stitching.

Racaire said...

Yeah! Very lovely and beautiful!!! I love it too :)