Thursday, 15 May 2008

...some new progress :) is my latest embroidery progress - 6 designs for the coronation dress for our gentle princess Fiona :)


Siubhan said...

Sigh... just when I think I'm doing well, someone posts something like this that makes all my work look shabby! ;)

Those are great! It's impressive how you can take a few relatively simple designs and make them look awesome!

Racaire said...

*lol* ...what about joining the A&S50 challenge and to join me to execute/learn 50 sewing/needlework/embroidery techniques or to make 50 things for the kingdom before the sca anniversary in 2015 ? :)

btw. - shabby - you never saw my first and very last try of tablet-weaving - that's a great example of shabby work (I think I am not intelligent enough for tablet weaving - surface couching is much easier :)

Eilgri said...

ooh! Pretty! Just waiting to see these live on stage ;)

Jahanarabanu said...

Ooh, that's nice! So a question on how you are counting this for the A&S 50 Challenge. Do you count this as one project or each piece of embroidery individually?
I only ask, because I recently wove 7 different pieces on the same warp and counted them as separate pieces for the A&S 50 challenge! So I can definitely see the argument for counting each embroidered bit separately!

Racaire said...

I count every piece of embroidery individually (like I would also count every handkerchief or small bag,... as individual piece) and also the technique used toward my "learn/execute 50 embroidery/... stitches" and on the other side I count the dress I am sewing at the moment only as one piece towards my "50 pieces for my wardrobe" even if it is much more work... :)
I think that we don't have to make it much more difficult for us self to full fill the 50 and if we can full fill them I am sure no one will be angry if we do more than 50... I will stop counting when the competition is over :)