Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Greetings and Introduction...

Greetings. I have been with the SCA and Drachenwald for about 2 years now. Before the SCA I mainly did cross-stitch. Now I am enjoying learning new stitches and techniques that are Medieval.

Currently I have the split stitch down pretty well and I'm learning the basic laid couching. The latter I learned to work on Princess Fiona's roundels. The split stitch I learned to make a household badge for my Knight, Sir Gerhardt and then a badge for my friend, Lady Sapphira who is now in Mesopotamia. These badges are my best work to date. I plan to make some more household badges for Sir Gerhardt for all us members and also some PCS awards for the Kingdom. Much smaller than what I've done thus far. These took me too long to mass produce. I finished their borders with a fingerloop braid. It just seemed right and I have since seen other people do the same, so I just need to find documentation now.

I will post a photo of what I've done with Princess Fiona's roundels after I finish another one. I already gave her a few. It's rather embarrassing after seeing Racaire's roundels, to even admit I did any. :-)



Jahanarabanu said...

You have no reason to be embarrassed. Yes Racaire does stunning work. You work is also incredible! These badges are gorgeous and I'm sure will be well loved by their owners.

Namaste, Jahanara

Racaire said...

This badges are great - I really love them!!!

...and I am very looking forward to see your roundels for Princess Fiona - I am sure they look lovely too :)