Sunday, 8 June 2008

Project Photos

I have the first roundel outline begun! You can see this progress in this photo. As I said in my earlier post the roundels on this hood will tell the story of my husband's SCA career. I am beginning with the very back, as I am working with a new thread and want to work out any glitches before I attempt the designs on the front! Also many of the front, "current", designs are more difficulty so I want to be confident in the technique and and application before attempting those.
You can see the other roundel designs to the right. This is a very poor rendition of these designs, but you get a sense of what they will look like. I am a bit concerned that due to the heraldic nature of these designs and this story, that the hood will look a bit late period, rather than Anglo-Saxon in nature.

I said,previously, that I chose roundels, as you see many roundels in Anglo-Saxon designs. I would appreicate any suggestions that anyone might have to help give these a more Anglo-Saxon feel. I will be using Anglo-Saxon stitches, but I'm not sure this will be enough to bring the design into line with Anglo-Saxon embroidery & designs.
Thanks for all your help and inspiration,


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