Sunday, 22 June 2008

Coronation Newsletter - A&S display / Guild meeting / Queen's basket

Dear gentle Lords and Ladies, members of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild!

There is just one week left until coronation and I am very looking forward to see some of you there :)
... and btw. I have some very good news:

1) A&S display / Guild display :
Kingdom A&S Minister Mistress Jaelle invites you all to join and enrich the A&S display at Coronation with your beautiful projects of embroidery, needlework and everything else you would like to show - therefore please bring and show your projects :)
Mistress Jaelle will be very busy during the event therefore I propose that you contact me on friday evening if you want to join the A&S display and I will try to coordinate our part of the A&S display with Mistress Jaelle.

2) Guild meeting at 2 pm :
A big thank you to Lady Jahanara for all her help that made this guild meeting possible - due to a very full schedule we decided to hold the guild meeting at 2pm.
I very apologize to Lord Giano Balestriere that we decided to hold the guild meeting while he will hold his class but it is the best time-frame we could find (after Lady Melisende's class and before my class).
I am very looking forward to see you there and to talk with you about the future of our guild :)

3) Queen's basket:
If you would like to contribute to a queen's basket, please let me know on friday evening :)

...I will be travelling to London on Wednesday afternoon :)

Best regards & yours in service
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head

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