Wednesday, 26 January 2011

for your information: "Duarte's Raglan challenge!"

By courtesy of Duarte I may forward his challenge text from the Drachenwald Mailing List to you:
"Greetings to the list

A new year is upon us, and on the horizon once again lies Raglan castle.
I realise that I am hugely biased but Ffair Rhaglen is one of my favourite events, but I have always felt that it was lacking in something. We have a fantastic site, which looks even better with an encampment surrounding it and people showing off the best of their garb. However there is very little in the display of personal heraldry in the form of banners.

So this year I have decided to launch Duarte's Raglan challenge. This year, which is also the first year to host a Coronet tourney at Raglan, it would bring such joy to my heart if there was plethora of banners fluttering in the breeze. To that end I would like to encourage as many personal banners, group banners, principality banners, kingdom and guild banners etc to be erected at this years Raglan. And for the one that brings the most joy to my heart a token will be given out to the person behind it.

Looking forward to a very colourful Raglan.

Such a nice idea and now I am thinking about making one banner for the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild :)

...btw. here an album with many lovely examples of silk banners - many thanks to Haldan from the Knights Crossing Mailinglist for sharing this link. :)

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