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FAQ - Giftbasket confusion

Some members of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild contribute or would like to contribute to the one or other "giftbasket" of our kingdom, therefore I thought it would be nice to forward this message of Mistress Katheryn Hebenstreitz to you for your information. :)

...btw. how such gifts for a "giftbasket" or the "queens basket" could look like -> a posting about the "Estrella Gift Basket" can be found at the new royal "Treasures of Drachenwald" blog.



I have gotten a few questions about giftbaskets because there seems to be a lot of different names for them circulating which has caused some confusion.
People don't seem to know who to contact concerning items for giftbaskets and how many Kingdoms that will be recieveing the gifts.
So here goes:

Pennsic giftbasket - that is a giftbasket that is given away by the Royalty during the state dinner at Pennsic. Nowadays we get an assigned Kingdom to exchange gifts with hence we no longer need to produce big amounts of the same type of object, we do however need to get together a kick ass basket to show of the splendure of the artisans of the Kingdom! This giftbasket is my own pet project and if anyone wants to contribute to this you should contact me, Katheryn Hebenstreitz.

Estrella giftbasket - this is a giftbasket that is given away by our Royalty IF they decide to go to Estrella. This far it has only happened at rare occasions and our current King and Queen WILL go to Estrella! This giftbasket has also switched into being an exchange with only ONE Kingdom (lets hope it stays this way!), and it is Their Majesties chamberlain, Viscountess Whilja who is in charge of getting items for this years giftbasket. The Kingdom to recieve the Drachenwald giftbasket is Calontir.

The Queens Tea gifts - when it was decided that you would only swap gifts with one Kingdom at Pennsic, some Qeens felt that they wanted to give away something small to all other Queens during a Queens Tea. This has been different every year - one year there was an actual gift exchange (as far as I remember) and other years the Queen hosting the tea has been giving her guests some gifts. And each Queen can host her own Queens Tea during Pennsic so this one is a bit tricky to deal with. Previously Duchess Fiona has graciously taken on the task to get objects together for this new addition to the giftlist. I am however unsure who will be in charge this upcoming Pennsic. This is a rather straining task since you need to get basically 18 small gifts together - preferebly similar/the same items in each…

Queens basket - the only conclusion I can draw is that this has become a short name of the above described Queens Tea gifts. :D

Now, beyond all theese giftbaskets the Royalty is ALWAYS in need of largess! They need something to give all those who catch their attention and that perhaps can't recieve an award but who should get recognized by getting a gift from the Royalty.
And putting all theese things together it makes for a huge amount of items that the Royalt needs to a) look good b) make people happy c) make Drachenwald look as awesome as it is by giving the most fabulous gifts at events across the pond!

So please, anyone who has some time to spare - make something that can be included in any of the above baskets or the general largess!
Now I will go back to the embroidery I am making as a part of the Estrella giftbasket that King Vitus and Queen Eleonora will hand over at Estrella!

In service
Katheryn Hebenstreitz

PS: please feel free to spread the word to avoid any more confusion about all theese giftbaskets!"

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