Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Elizabethan Metal Thread Embroidery

Being long overdue to post here again I would like to rectify that with posting a link to my handout made for Aarnimetsä Academy this past November. I led a workshop in Elizabethan metal thread embroidery and brought fabric and thread for gentles to have a go at a few stitches.

The handout can be found off my website's Embroidery pages.

It is based on my study of one particular extant coif (which, until March 1 2011, can be taken out and examined at the Victoria & Albert museum in London). For a few of the stitches I have used diagrams from the Plimoth Plantation Embroidery Blog, and some of the diagrams Baroness Felicitas of Gotvik helped me to create.


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