Thursday, 3 February 2011

...want to support your kingdom? ...the Dragon's Den is now on-line!!! :)

...and by courtesy of Mistress Jaelle I may inform you about:

The Dragon's Den is now on-line!!

The Dragon's Den is now available on-line and has Drachenwald order regalia for sale, including Panache, Lindquist ring, and PCS patches, rings that are very close to what a Lindquist ring should look like, Drachenwald patches, and Drachenwald hoods for sale.

To see our merchandise, go to our website at

Dragon's Den exists to raise money to help assorted Drachenwald projects. Since we opened we have paid for new coronets for the crown prince and princess, sent peers to South Africa to work with our shires there, gave money to ID to send marshals to Iceland, provided the royalty with order regalia to give out to recipients, supported the scribal office with money for supplies, etc.

If you wish to purchase anything, or if you have any questions, please write to us off list at jgerjuoy_@_yahoo_._com (without the "_"!!)

Yours in service,

Honor and Jaelle,

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