Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Handwoven Fabrics and Anglo-Saxon Bags

Greetings to my illustrious fellow artisans,
In repsonse to Racaire's request for more project postings, I'm sharing my contrinbution to the Estrella Gift Basket.
This project was an excellent experience in being able to change my plan midstream and serendipity.
I woven a turned herringbone fabric in Harrisville Shetland wool, Purple and Gold as I started my project after we knew who we were exchanging with. My original plan was to weave fabric to use to make one large Legionnare's bag. However once I had woven the fabric and done rigid heddle straps, I began to mock the bag up. I did not like the way that the reinforcement straps cut up to weave of the fabric, so I went to plan B. I had previosly asked Lady Siubhan, formerly of the Dragon's Embroidery Guild now back in Lochac, to send me a page from Anglo-Saxon Dress in England. The page I requested showed a satchel found with female remains. That page also showed a belt pouch found with some male remains. As luck would have it I had just enough fabric to make similar bags in my handwoven cloth, approximately 8" x 11 " each.

I lined the bags with linen to prevent undue stretching of the wool over time.

Finally, I used the rigid heddle straps to make the belt loops on the bag and had enough leftover to send as a complimentary belt for the women's satchel.

I am now working on a set of 15th C garb for Coronet and embroidering a 7th C Persian hat and headband. I will post pictures once they are done and/or I return from Coronet.

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