Monday, 13 June 2011

Featuring another great project: Racaires "Weiberlisten" Wallhanging

Unfortunatelly for the newsletter for this summer months I run out of artisans and projects which I could feature - I hope after the summer time I will have again enough projects which I may feature - and therefore I decided to feature an "old" project of mine and I admit it's one of my favourite projects:

Racaires Weiberlisten Wallhanging


You can find more photos of this project, including my fight against the moths here: "Wallhanging Project"

I am also a member of the "Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild", which is a guild of the Kingdom of Drachenwald within the SCA and I am the Guild Head of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild and also the local Guild Head for the Frankmark region. I am living in the beautiful lands of Knights Crossing. :)

And some words for you about the project:
My inspiration for this project is the Weiberlisten Teppich/ Maltererteppich - a beautiful medieval wallhanging done in Klosterstich - the only picture which is not inspired/based on this wallhanging ist the last one on the right in the bottom row - this one is inspired by the „Manessische Liederhandschrift“.
It took me about 3 years to complete this Wallhanging and I took pictures of the several steps, which can be found at my blog - Wallhanging Project - including my long fight against the moths and pictures of the Klosterstich repair work.
I also used Klosterstich for this embroidery and the fine wool threads from - btw. you can find my Klosterstich handout here.

Featured Artisans of the last months:
May: Jahanaras "woven fabric for the Pennsic Gift Bags"
April: Renikas "embroidered 14th century buttoned dress" in progress
March: Rakonczays "Mars and Silvia" tapestry in progress
February: Honors "Bayeux style tapestry"

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