Sunday, 15 May 2011

Featuring another great project: Jahanaras woven fabric for the Pennsic Gift Bags

Again I am very happy to be able to present another lovely project to you - this time of the very talented Lady Jahanarabanu Vivana:

Jahanaras woven fabric


You can find more photos of her lovely project in her Picasa photo album: "Pennsic Gift Bag"

Jahanara is also a member of the "Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild", which is a guild of the Kingdom of Drachenwald within the SCA and she is the regional Guild Head for Insulae Draconis.
Furthermore she is also a member of the ID Fibre Interest Group, living in the beautiful lands of The Principality of Insulae Draconis (Iceland, Ireland & United Kingdom). :)

And some words for you from the artist:
Jahanarabanu Vivana is a 7th C Persian women.

Jahanara has been in the SCA for 15 years. In that time she has always enjoyed the Arts and Sciences. Over the years, she has learned costuming, embroidery, spinning, embroidery and weaving.

Jahanara's most recent project was weaving 4.5 yards of fabric for the Pennsic Gift Exchange. Lady Katherine was kind enough to leave the design completely up to me. I chose to weave a striped fabric. Based on my research a variety of stripes were used during the Middle Ages. In order to choose the colors, I referred to a colour sampler, I had recently woven. The next decision was the weave structure. I have been focusing on twills this year and Lady Genvieve suggested a diamond weave.

As I didn't want the weave and fabric to distract too much from the embroidery that will be appliqued on, I chose a single diamond with a dark weft. Diamond weaves are common throughout the Middle Ages and date back to the 3rd/4th C AD (Cambridge History of Western Textiles). This weave was one of the most common amoung Viking, Anglo-Saxon and a variety of other cultures.

My upcoming projects includes weaving more fabric for bags, updating my website (, and organising the Textile Symposium at Fair Raglan. I hope that all ID members of the Guild will also join the
ID Fibre Interest Group. So far we have hosted several competitions and last year's Textile Day at Raglan. Anyone who is interested in teaching a Textile Class at Raglan this year or joining the ID Fibre Interest Group may contact me at

Many thanks to Jahanara for the possibility to feature your project - lovely! :)

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