Friday, 15 April 2011

Featuring another great project: Renikas lovely embroidered 14th century buttoned dress in progress

This month I am again very happy to present another lovely project to you and to feature a project in progress of the very talented Fru Renika Rikardsdottir:

Renikas embroidered 14th century buttoned dress in progress




Renika is also a member of the "Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild", which is a guild of the Kingdom of Drachenwald within the SCA and she is a member of Nordmark (Sweden). :)

And some words of Renika about this project:
A fourteenth century buttoned dress supposed to be covered in embroidery, at least the waist and arms... Acorns, oakleaves and when I get around to it, maybe a squirrel or two... The dress is sewn in a rather heavy dark green wool, lined with a finer yellow wool and embroidered in wool of many colours.
Renika, thank you very much for the possibility to feature your project - such a lovely project :)

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Stern/Alenn said...

I love the embroidery on the Sleeves...the Colors of the Leaves are really wonderful