Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Magdalens lovely embroidery - more patches for the "We have Dragons" guild project :)

Magdalen has finished a beautiful patch for the "We have Dragons" guild project :) the small picture on the right you get a small glimpse at the beginning of the embroidery but for the lovely final result please visit her blog: Vanhanaikaiset ...and here a direct link to her posting about this patch:

Please don't worry, the posting is in Finnish and English - if you want to read the English text, just look out for the italic text sections :)

She used Split Stitch and also tried Bayeux-Stitch / Refilsaum for the very first time and I think she has done a really great job! Very beautiful embroidery and very nice color combination... a very lovely patch! :)

PS: if you would like to see a posting about your patches for the guild project or join the workshop and post about it yourself - please contact me at: (without the "_"!) :)

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