Saturday, 12 February 2011

Guild Member Projects: Honor of Restormels lovely Bayeux style tapestry


I proudly present a really awesome and outstanding project of a member of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild to you:

~ Honor of Restormels lovely Bayeux style tapestry ~

Honors thoughts about the project:
The reason for the project was to make a tapestry in the style of the Bayeux for our home and we decided to chronicle our reign. The finished product is about 22 feet long and hangs in our den. :) It is DMC cotton on Linen – mostly because I am allergic to wool. I know there are a lot of colors and things which are out of place in a Bayeux style… like the pink bunny, but there are reasons for each thing there and much is to honour special people. I also wanted something more colorful for my home than the original Bayeux tapestry has to offer. :)

I hope you enjoy the following photos of her project as much as I do :)

Tapestry 01

Tapestry 02

Tapestry 03

Tapestry 04

Tapestry 05

Tapestry 06

Tapestry 07

Tapestry 08

Tapestry 09

Tapestry 10

Tapestry 11

Tapestry 12

Tapestry 13

Tapestry 14

Tapestry 15

Tapestry 16

Tapestry 17

Tapestry 18


Elisheva said...

This is so awesome I cant find words to describe it. Thank you for posting this and "Vivat!" to Honor for making this beautiful and meaningful work. This is really inspiring.


Anna de Byxe said...

Oh wow..