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Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Summer Newsletter for June, July and August 2010

Dear honourable Lords and Ladies, gentle members of the "Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild" and "-eMail Group"!

The summer sun finally is heating up the streets of our beautiful kingdom and it's getting rather hot throughout our kingdom - therefore I again write a "Summer Newsletter" for June, July and August - and you'll get your next newsletter in September.

18.-21. June (next week + Monday) I'll be not available - please allow me some more days for answering my eMails - I normally try to answer my mails in 3days after I get them (if you don't get an answer, than maybe my spam-filter deleted it - in this case please contact me by using the contact formular of my website:

Concerning our "Coat of Arms Wallhanging for Drachenwald" project - it's about halftime now and I already started to think about how to assemble the patches - there are several possiblities - first:
- 1a) one Wallhanging
- 1b) more than one Wallhanging
One Wallhanging would be rather nice but if I split the patches - by chance or by region - we could do more than one and divide them between the regions that the embroidered patches can be seen by more persons and can therefore also inspire more persons.
The second and surely the most important question: how shall the design of the Wallhanging look like - if you have an idea, please let me know about it or post about it in our "Dragon's Embroidery Workshop"

I really would like to point out that Fru Renika has done an outstanding job concerning the "Coat of Arms Wallhanging for Drachenwald" project - only the coat of arms of two groups are not covered in her region - Uma & Viterheim - but I am quite optimistic that she also will find volunteers for this groups. I think it's really great that Shire Baggeholm and Shire Juneborg plan to make their patches by 'joint effort' - that sounds very interesting... :)

You can find an updated list of the volunteers here: of the finished patches and other information concerning the project at the Dragon's Embroidery Workshop:

...and I am still looking for volunteers for the following coats of arms:
Denmark: Eresborg
Finland: Humalasalo
Germany: Baerenau, Drei Eichen, Emerald Glen, Isengau, Meadowmarsh; Monarchs Rest, Nebelwald, Rauchenderberg, Schwarzloch, Tor zum Norden, Turmstadt
United Kingdom, Ireland & Iceland: King's Lake, Dun in Mara, Eplaheimr, Flintheath, Glen Rathlin, Hrafnsborg, Pont Alarch, West Dragonshire
Italy: Campfiamme, Infimus Mons Aureus, Ranaan
Belgium, Netherlands: Polderslot
Sweden: Uma, Viterheim
(if you are missing a group on my list, please let me know)

...btw. if you would like to participate - just contact me or your local Project-Coordinator - Lady Eilgri Beccan for Aarnimetsä and fru Renika Rikardsdottir for Nordmark.

...and again the project text in English:
________________ ~*~ ________________

1st Guild Project - "Coat of Arms Wallhanging for Drachenwald"

- Fabric: linen fabric
- Fabric size:
-> Shires, Cantons & Strongholds: 10,0 x 10,0 cm (3,94 x 3,94 inch) + ca. 1,5 cm (0,59 inch) Surplus for sewing
-> Kingdom, Principality, Barony coat of arms: 20,0 x 20,0 cm + ca. 1,5 cm (0,59 inch) Surplus for sewing
- Fabric color: every color allowed
- Embroidery: every technique allowed
- Important restrictions:
-> Only coat of arms of Drachenwald groups...
-> Every person can make several patches but every coat of arms only one time!
( avoid a wallhanging only consisting of the coat of arms of three or four groups... but you can also embroider the coat of arms of your neighbor group or a group where your friends live...)
- End date: October 2010 (please send in your patches till 1st of October)

This project is open to everyone - you don't need to be a Guild member to join this project.
Every embroidery technique and skill is welcome - please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested!!
________________ ~*~ ________________

You can find the project text in Finnish here:
...and in here in German:

...and now back to the normal Guild business:

Guild Membership Roll:
I am very happy to welcome Elzbeth MacGregor Goldsworthy as a new member to the Guild - now we have 54 members.
( )

Guild Blog - Dragon's Embroidery Workshop:
If you would like to join the Workshop, just write me an eMail! ( )
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Guild Projects / Challenges:
- The 1st Guild Project 2010 - "Coat of Arms Wallhanging for Drachenwald"
During the Guild Meeting at University we decided to start an open Guild Project to make 'coat of arms' Wallhangings that can be used as decoration for kingdom and smaller events :)

Misc. Projects / Challenges:
- A&S 50 Challenge ( )
- A&S 50 Challenge Drachenwald Blog ( )

I wish you all a great summer time and remain
yours in Service
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head

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