Friday, 11 June 2010

Update - Project "Coat of Arms Wallhanging for Drachenwald"

last update: 27. June 2010

Kingdom Drachenwald:
Hedwig von Simmaningen, Petronilla

Shire Ad Flumen Caerulum: Hedwig von Simmaningen, Racaire

Incipient Shire Eresborg: -

Barony Aarnimetsä: Lucia (kingdom Atenveldt)
Canton Hukka: Chrisi
Canton Humalasalo: -
Canton Kaarnemaa: Petronilla
Canton Miehonlinna: Amal binti Hamid Al-Chania
Canton Poukka: Ameline
Canton Torna: Petronilla
Canton Unikankare: Petronilla

Shire Chateau du Ciel: Katharina Woinovich

Shire Aventiure: Petronilla
Shire Baerenau: -
Incipient Stronghold Blauwasser: Katharina Woinovich
Shire Drachensheim: Sorcha
Shire Drei Eichen: Petronilla
Emerald Glen: -
Greifenthal: Sorcha
Shire Isengau: Petronilla
Barony Knights Crossing: Himiltrude
Shire Meadowmarsh: -
Canton Monarchs Rest: -
Stronghold Nebelwald: -
Stronghold Rauchenderberg: -
Stronghold Schwarzloch: -
Incipient Shire Tor zum Norden: -
Shire Turmstadt: Petronilla
Shire Two Seas: Katherina Mornewegh
Shire Vielburgen: Himiltrude

Shire Nea Nikopolis: Aelia, Amal binti Hamid Al-Chania

United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland:
Crown Principality Insulae Draconis: Isabella of Vielburgen
College of King's Lake: -
Shire Dun in Mara: -
Shire Eplaheimr: -
Shire Flintheath: -
Shire Glen Rathlin: -
Shire Harpelstane: Amal binti Hamid Al-Chania
Incipient Shire Hrafnsborg: -
Shire Klakavirki: Ameline
Shire Mynydd Gwyn: Mary Verch Thomas
Shire Pont Alarch: -
Shire Thamesreach: Tamara
Shire West Dragonshire: -

Incipient Shire Ma Ale Giborim: Petronilla

Stronghold Campfiamme: -
Stronghold Infimus Mons Aureus: -
Incipient Shire Ranaan: -

Belgium, Netherlands:
Shire Polderslot: -

South Africa:
Shire Adamastor: Ameline
Incipient Shire Griffin's Tor: Caterina de la Roverre

Shire Alcazar de Brioga: Katharina Woinovich

Principality Nordmark: Áskatla Ketilsdóttir
Shire Aros: Lia de Thornegge
Shire Attemark: Liviva fra Roskilde
Shire Baggeholm: Ameline, one patch done in shire cooperation/joint effort
Shire Frostheim: Tyra Stigsdotter
Shire Gotvik: Lady Felicitas Schwarzbergin
Shire Gyllengran: Lord Are Faggesson
Shire Holmrike: Vicomtesse Yrla Kristerdotter
Shire Juneborg: one patch done in shire cooperation/joint effort
Skelitta: Cathla inghean u� Cathail
Barony Styringheim: Renika Rikardsdottir
Shire Ulvberget: (by a member of the shire, no name yet)
Shire Uma: -
Shire Viterheim: -

I just would like to point out again:
Every participant can do as many patches as she/he likes - but please do every coat of arms only one time per participant!
A coat of arms of a Principality, Barony, Shire,... can be done more than one time if it's not done by the same participant - for example: 4 members of XY can do 4 XY patches
and also 4 patches of Z and 2 patches of Y - as long as every member just does 1 XY, Z or Y patch!

Project-Coordinator: Lady Racaire
If you are situated in Aarnimetsä or Nordmark you can also contact your
local Project-Coordinator
Aarnimetsä: Lady Eilgri Beccan
Nordmark: fru Renika Rikardsdottir

Color key for the list:
- no volunteers till now
- one or more volunteers
- one or more patches finished

Arms of the Kingdom of Drachenwald:


Elisheva said...

The list looks quite sad for Germany, so I'll jump in again. I'll do Turmstadt and Isengau.


Elisheva said...

Patches for Turmstadt and Isengau are finished. I'll post pictures of them when they'll arrive, since I took them with me on my holiday trip and sent them home in a post package with some other stuff that didn't fit in our luggage.

I'll check my garn supply and tell you what I'll do next.


Racaire said...

Great! Thank you very much! :)

Elisheva said...

I'll make Drei Eichen next.

Tell me, if I'm doing too much. I have a recognizable style, and I wouldn't want to overwhelm the project.


Racaire said...

That's great :)

It's a fun project - there is no 'too much' - I am happy about every completed patch :)