Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Coat of Arms project - Canton of Kaarnemaa badge finished

Petronilla is very productive at the moment :) - she already finished the next patch:

Great work! :)


Elisheva said...

After some careful calculations, I decided to make Aventiure next.

(Stricktly speaking, I haven't found my bigger embroidery frame yet, so I'll do Drachenwald later.)


Elisheva said...

Gaah! I had already finished Aventiure. While I was taking a picture of it, I noticed, that the laurel leaf was upside down! One problem with symmetrical patterns is, that while you work on it, you turn it this way and that way, and forget how it was supposed to be. Now I had to cut the laurel away and I'll make a new one. Damn.