Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Well, it has been quite a while since I last wrote. I believe it was the summer. At that point I was looking for yellow cool to make myself a heraldic cloak. After Civil Wars in 2008, a cold night at Pennsic this past summer and freezing at Fall Crown, I decided I needed to speed up the search. I finally settled on a lovely light yellow wool. I had been debating for a bit, as it's not 100%, but only 95% wool. The other 5% is rayon or some other synthetic. Grrr... But as it was the perfect shade and the best wool I could find, I gave in and bought it. Now the cloak is made and I need to add my heraldic devices to it.

Here's the problem. I've decided to diaper the cloak with my badge. Ummm... I need a badge. I have a device registered. I will try to register some type of badge with a St. Catherine's Wheel as the focal point. It will probably have an "H" on it or something else simple. Then comes the question of embroidering badges and applique them to the cloak, or just cut them out of fabric and applique them. Well, it's a moot point until I get the badge registered. So for the next few months, I shall have a very plain cloak. I've also learned that yellow is REALLY not my colour. Why did I pick it for my arms? Oh yes, because yellow goes so well with blue, which is my favourite colour, which I also look horrid in. Oh well. :-)

I've read her Majesty's request for Kingdom awards and largess. I am happy to help with this project and have taken on Panaches. So far I have made three. After a short period of panic over the size, I was relieved to find out I made them just the right size, at 2cm diameter. YAY! The Panaches continue. Here are the first ones. They are so small, that split stitch works up quite nicely and doesn't take too long. I'll add the feathers when I've stitched up all the squares I pre-cut.

And of course I've stepped up to the task of making some devices for the Kingdom Wall Hanging. I shall be embroidering Knight's Crossing and Vielburgen. I'm just waiting for the silk thread to come in. I plan to start the devices within the next month.

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Racaire said...

*gosch* You are so productive!!! :)
...thank you very much for sharing your work and thoughts :)

...and you always look very lovely - I am sure the cloak will look better on you than you think :)

I think I could also make some Panaches - do you have any information how they have to look like? (size,...)