Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Reminder: Racaire's Queens Basket Challenge for the guild members

I also renew my personal "Queens Basket Challenge" :)
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"Queens Basket Challenge"

Some ladies showed interest in the second Guild Badge I made:

Therefore I decided to challenge the Guild Members who would like to own this badge - the first lady or lord who sends me at least 5 selfmade items for the Queens Basket (depending on arrival in my irl mailbox), will get the Guild Badge!

If you are interested please let me know - btw. I will post a picture of the items you send me at the Embroidery Workshop Blog :)

Please don't forget about the Queens Basket - Their Majesties can only give presents away if there are some people who provide presents for the Queens Basket!
For example - I will never forget my first coin at my very first SCA event nor the lovely embroidered hanky that I got when I received my AoA - therefore please don't forget that even a small gift has the power to make someone else very happy! :)
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