Thursday, 31 July 2008

Cloak Progress

I spent much of today embroidering. I, therefore, made a lot of progress on Lady Salonge's cloak. I was originally going to use this cloak, but I had to use a stitch that I have used a lot int he past. As you can see, it is all done in outline stitch. I tried the Opus Anglicanum stitches, however, the split stitch was not meshing with the silk that I was using or the design. I therefore fell back on outline stitch, to produce a nice embroidery. I have finished 7.5 rays and have 8.5 rays to go! I completed 5 rays today. So in theory, if I don't get distracted by any other projects, I could have the embroidery don by this weekend! I still need to sew in the lining and hem, which is my least favorite part!
Please feel free to give any advice on hemming, as I'm always keen to improve that part!'

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