Saturday, 8 March 2008

Yes, I'm still alive :-)

Hi all!
I just wanted to say that I *am* working towards the challenges, even though I haven't posted lately! Right now I've got some real life issues to get through (my visa renewal is coming up in June, and this time its a big deal), and I'm working tons of overtime right now. After the beginning of June, I'll know either way and will be better at getting back to people and posting progress (provided I don't have to move):-)

I saw what Thorvaldr is making for the project, by the way, it looks great!

Racaire, I'm so sorry I haven't gotten the pearls to you yet, I will do it! I just cant remember anything now but work :-(
And last but not least, the roundels RULE!!!!!!!! You rock my world!

1 comment:

Racaire said...

I cross my fingers for you that everything will happen the way you want it :D

..real life and work always go first and I am very looking forward to see you again as soon as possible :)