Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Wallhanging project

Finally, a small report on the progress of our project...
I´ve started to sort through and plan the outlay of the final wallhaning during Kingdom University, with some assistance. Since I knew that more patches were on the way, I haven´t started sewing the patches together, merely sorted them four by four. My plan is to have it assembled as much as possible for Coronation, so that we may present it there. The picture is showing only a small selection of all wonderful patches that have reached me and my happy little mail-box so far.


Racaire said...

even just this small selection of patches outlayed looks awesome - I am very looking forward to seeing the next progress! I am sure this will be a great wallhanging! :)

Stern/Alenn said...

I be Proud on all of the People who help to get all of this wonderful Work
And Racaire you can be Proud on yourself that so many People are inspirt ( inspiriert in German) from your Idea