Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Little news from Aarnimetsä

Hi everyone!

I had promised to report to Racaire in time for this report, but forgot it
completely - I feel so ashamed :(

So here's little news from Aarnimetsä:

We had a little workshop for the kingdom wallhanging project in Gudgel wars.
However it was extremely hot&humid that week, so not that many people showed
up. In spite of that Aarnimetsäns have been very active in the project: Lady
Petronilla made amazingly many patches, and both Ida Juhanantytär and Amal
binti Hamid Al-Chania have been very active and productive also. Vivat for

We had a local guild meeting in Hukka Sunday meeting in Sebtember. There
were some people new to medieval embroidery who would like to learn more,
and hopefully become guild members soon!

Next big thing in Aarnimetsä will be the Aarnimetsä Academy. There are many
interesting classes, even some on embroidery. Lady Petronilla of London will
teach a class on Opus Anglicanum -embroidery and Lady Lia de Thornegge will
teach Elizabethan metal thread embroideries. That will be very intresting!

I eagerly await the new wallhanging challenge and dragons!

best wishes,


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Racaire said...

There is no reason to be ashamed - you do a great job!!!! :)