Friday, 8 October 2010

Roses Silver Guard token - Token Challenge reminder :)


I am very happy that I may share Rose Chandlers lovely embroidered 'Silver Guard' token with you - outstanding work for a 'novice embroiderer' (her own words)!

...and I hope some of you will get inspired by this lovely token and join the Token Challenge of Meisterinne Katheryn Hebenstreitz - don't mind - there is always a need for tokens, items for the 'Queens Basket' or our Pennsic basket and this here is 'just' one of many possible stitches and tokens you can make... :)

Don't forget - anyone can make something! ...and I really would like to point out Meisterinne Katheryns words again:

"If every single recipient of a Drachenwald award
made just 2 tokens to be forwarded to future recipients –
we would NEVER run out of tokens!"

I look forward to see more lovely embroidered tokens! :)

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