Saturday, 9 October 2010

More patches for the wallhanging :)

...and finally Hedwigs patches for the wallhanging - one for Drachenwald and one for our shire (Ad Flumen Caerulum) :)

She made a small mistake concerning the size of the patch for our shire but I hope a lady assembling it at University can add two small laurel wreaths and make the whole patch a little bit smaller that it can be used - unfortunately I got the patch yesterday and couldn't change it myself because today during the morning I handed all patches to my friend Petronilla before we started our textile shopping and museum program for today - she is visiting Vienna this weekend and she will mail them with her patches from Germany to Sweden... :)

Many thanks to Petronilla for her help - for mailing them from Germany and all the beautiful patches she made! :)

...and here some photos of Hedwigs patches - first the Drachenwald patch:




...and the AFC patch:


Thank you Hedwig! :)

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