Saturday, 2 February 2008

a little old and new thing

Dear Lords and Ladies

In the last time, I was to busy for big things. So here some photos of the small things I made during the last weeks and months.

I embroidered acorns on a small piece of lovely Linen, that I got from Odi of my shire. I like to make some little things for my feast Gear, while I haven´t enough places to take big tablecloth with me. I want to took it as placemat. I embroidered it with metallic yarn in darkgreen and copper

A small needle book I made 2007. I think, but I´m not sure, I have made three of them, all in the same kind, as little presents.

These are some photos of my gown, I embroider since the beginnig of 2007. It´s an curry color fabric, I cut and sew in a non-authentic pattern after my beginning with the SCA. I tried to get it finished to the Summer Coronation in the last year, but I didn't find the time for it till know. So I look forward to finish my work this year.
It has ivy leaf all over the Gown hem and on the Sleeve hem.

Please excuse me for my bad english :-)

Many Greetz Alenn

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