Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sneak-peak as a new years gift!

Happy A.S.XLVII my Lords and Ladys ! (new year was 1.5)

We are working on with the wallhanging,  Fru Katarina Juhanantytär has started sewing the masterpiece together. Here is  some pictures of the working-on-progess. 

First is a picture from the very beginning, we laid the finished patches over the red wool which will be used as the backround. All patches haven't arrived yet, so this is just the first look out for the project.

And here is another picture with more patches, we have a lot of dragons! When this picture was taken, two rows of patches (the middle-row with the Drahcenwald's dragon, and the lowest row with five dragons on same backround) were already sewed on.
At the moment we got even more patches and for a while we where short three patches to get it to match with the row with five patches.  Luckily for me, Fru Katarina and Lady Magdalen Yrjänäntytär volunteered to do one more patch each, so the wallhanging is complete.

The wallhanging will be finished and showed in the midsummer coronation in Aarnimetsä.  I will send more pictures then, but all who can join us there, please come and see it.

And here are a few pictures of  the patches that have arrived to us during the springtime...

  Fru Katarina Juhanasdotter's green dragon, that looks very seahorse-style for me.

 Lady Magdalena Yrjänäntytär's dragon, I think this is one of her first patches for the project, such lovely colours.
And this is really one of my favorites, it's Magdalen's patch, and it looks stunning! (is that st. George?)

 Enjoy these pictures. We will promise that the wallhanging will be seen in the Midsummer Coronation and will leave you staggering! I hope you all good health, best of luck and most happiest year in society. Long live Drachenwald!

- In you service, Fru Ida Juhanantytär, Senescal of Miehonlinna, guild-eldest of the Aarnimetsä Embroidery.

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