Wednesday, 4 January 2012

We Have Dragons-challenge.. we surely have dragons (picture-rally)

My lords and ladies. Greetings from Aarnimetsä!
I must show you pictures of all these wonderful patches which have arrived for the guilds next wallhanging, The "We have dragons"-wallhanging... and we surely do have lot of dragons!

I'm posting these photos as a new local guild elder of Aarnimetsä region, And it's great to step into such a lovely pair of guild elder slippers from my predecessor, Donna Fiora, who has made a great job by inspiring all these skillful hands of Aarnimetsä to work with these patches.
Here are no less than 14 wonderlfull patches, all made in Aarnimetsa!

First we have three patches made by Maria Tavintytär, she has told that she became inspired by leftover fabric at Donna Fioras Wool-embroidering 101-meeting, during last spring. You can read her own stories about these jolly dragons here (it's only in finnish)
Her first dragon is calling "long live the king and queen of Drachenwald" over the mountain top.

Maria Taavistytär's second dragon, called by her as The Brother-in-law, for the first dragon.

Maria Taavintytär's thrid dragon, red backgroud has been inlaid into the blue one by stiching.
It's dedicated to Aarnimetsä.
And she has also made this brave knight, who is fighting under a dragon pennant!
Next patch is beatiful work by Beata. I simply love the colours of this work.
Next four Dragons were suprise to me, if you may.
These are made by my skillfull big sister, Fru Kattarina Juhanantytär, who is a great seamstress.
Now I found out that she is an good at embroidery too! She started embroidering in one night after ten- or fifteen-year pause. And these are what she made..

First after the long pause, she said it took few tries, but still.

The second and the third dragons.

The fourth one is my special favorite from her series.. and she's making even more patches! (she said there's no need to stop the wagons now after the slow start.)

And even more lovely works from Aarnimetsä. "the one who saves, has it."
I must introduce you Lady Gytha Bielke, the senescall of the Canton of Unikankare.
She tells me these tiny dragons were meant for another project, but she felt inspired by dragons and decided to use her works as a center for bigger patches.

Her first pink dragon is surrounded by dogs.

Second one didn't have any better luck with deer.
This dragon is under a lion.. poor thing!
But, never mess with dragons! Here's one burning down a building!

And here are a whole buch of dragons are frying up a sailing boat and her crew in the blazing winds of horror.
Aren't these patches most clever way to tell stories about dragons?
I wish I could tell you even more about these lovely patches. If any one of these lovely embroiders would like to tell us more about her work, please send me a note!

Last but not least, Fru Kattarina Juhanantytär has promised to sew together the wallhanging. So please, to send in your own work for the wallhanging, please contact me for the address.

In your service. Fru Ida Juhanantytär, Miehonlinna canton. Aarnimetsä


Renika said...

Wow! I´m amazed. The wallhanging will look fabulous.

Leonor Berdichevsky said...

My son loves dragons, made me appliqué one on his favourite blanket…he will love this site when I show it to him :). xx