Tuesday, 15 March 2011

more pictures of Ida Juhanantytär lovely embroidery - patches for the "We have Dragons" guild project :)

Ida Juhanantytär was very kind and sent me some nice photos of her embroidery progress for the "We have Dragons" project - I am very glad that I may share them with you :)
...btw. you can find photos with more progress at the "Aarnimetsän kirjontakor", the blog of the local guild in Aarnimetsä (Finnland) -> posting "Ida Juhantytär ja hänen lohikäärmeens" ...and Ida also has an blog which can be found here: http://harharetket.blogspot.com :)


Ida was inspired by the "Opus Anglicanum" class of Lady Petronillas hold at the Aarnimetsä Academy event and her new favourite technique is "Split Stitch" - I think her embroidery shows how much she loves the new technique and it looks really great! :)




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