Thursday, 19 November 2009

Kingdom University Pictures online! :)

Finally my photos taken at the Kingdom Universtiy near Hamburg are online now:

Kingdom University was very interesting and I think my class was a success because it was a lot of fun - hopefully the class will result in many new Klosterstich projects and I am very looking forward to see the results :)

Furthermore I am very happy to tell that the charter of the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild was signed by Their Majesties Judith and Gerhardt and King Gerhardt sealed the charter with the front gem of the crown of Drachenwald :)

...and last but not least - the second Guild Meeting was very interesting.
Many thanks to Gunnhild, Eleanora, Katherina and Rakonczay for attending the Guild Meeting.
I also want to thank the other ladies who attended the Guild Meeting but are no members by now.
Just a short summary for everyone who is interested:
We discussed the possibility of the Guild participating in the 'Coronation Cloak for Frankmark' project but we think that as long as no details are known a further discussion is more or less useless.
We had a great idea for a new challenge concerning a new wall decoration for events - you will get to know more as soon as I worked out the details :)

Many thanks to everyone who made this event possible!

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