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Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Newsletter August

Dear honourable Lords and Ladies, gentle members of the "Dragon Needle Embroidery Guild" and "-eMail Group"!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer time and enjoy some of the wonderful events of our kingdom - hopefully we will get more nice summer days before autumn and the cold days come back...

Now back to guild business:

Guild Membership Roll:
I am very sorry to tell that Lady Adelina decided to leave the guild but I hope that she will maybe rejoin in the future.
41 members by now

Guild Charter:
The second draft of the basic guild charter is now in the hands of Mistress Jaelle for proof reading and therefore still in progress - I want to thank Mistress Jaelle very much for her kind and great help.
Still in progress

Guild Blog - Dragon's Embroidery Workshop:
If you would like to join the Workshop and share your work, please don't hesitate to write me an eMail!

And now some great news - after the Insulae Draconis Interest groub now the Aarnimetsä Embroidery Guild also started a blog:
"Welcome to Aarnimetsä Embroidery Basket!
Aarnimetsä Embroidery Guild has finally got it´s own blog in Finnish. Everyone interested in embroidery is welcome. If you want to write in English, it´s ok, and I can Finnish your text in the comment section.
Following the excellent example of Lady Racaire, the Guilmaster of Kingdom level Embroidery Guild and founder of the Dragon Embroidery Workshop we want to create a safe and helpful environment for the Aarnimetsän embroiderers, and wish it will encourage embroiderers to excell in their work.
This blog is ment to become the meeting point for Aarnimetsän embroiderers, a place where they can show off their projects, get answers to their questions and inspiration for new projects. This way the beautiful embroideries are also shown to the popoulus.
I wish this blog will encourage new members to begin with embroidery and 'old' embroiderers to start new and interesting projects. If you got interested and want to join, feel free to email me!
best regards,

At this point I want to thank Mistress Bridget one more time, who started the Dragon's Scriptorium and inspired me to start the Dragon's Embroidery Workshop blog.

...and here a summary of related blogs:
- Insulae Draconis Fibre Arts Interest Group
- Aarnimetsä Embroidery Basket

Guild Projects / Challenges:
- The challenge 2009 'Something to keep you warm II'
There is still some time to start and finish a project - if you would like to participate please contact Mistress Anya, Lady Jahanara or me. :)

Misc. Projects / Challenges:
- A&S 50 Challenge
- A&S 50 Challenge Drachenwald Blog

I really can't repeat it too often: Please keep on sharing your wonderful work - regardless if embroidery, woven tapestry, illumination, wood-, leather- or metal-work,.. every project is a great inspiration for other people!

Now to another information that makes me very happy - my reservation for University (November) is approved and my flight is also booked by now, therefore I would like to know:
- ...who will also attend University?
- ...who is interested to attend one of my classes (Refilsaum or Klosterstich)? - a help to decide if I should offer to hold a class.
- ...who would like to attend an Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild meeting and/or get-together at University?
- ...who would like to join me at the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild display? - hopefully hold again with the A&S display.
I am very looking forward to see you at University! :)

...and I forward a message from Lady Jahanara to you - "From the Office of the ID MoAS" concerning the A&S at Raglan Fair and ask everyone of you who will attend this event to assist her by bringing items for the A&S display:
"Greetings exhaulted artisans,
I apologize for the late nature of this notice and hope it reaches you all in time. This year at Raglan Fair, in ID, we will again have a tent dedicated to the Arts and Sciences. We will not have a formally judged competition, but there will be a populace choice. I would like to ask all artisans to bring items to display. I also ask that you bring items to work on with your bretheren! The tent will be available for crafting and socialising Thursday through Sunday. Please plan to display any items and to join your fellow artisans in companionship and productivity!
Please feel free to contact me to let me know you will be participating and with any questions!
Jahanara, ID MOAS "

Yours in Service
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head

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