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Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Newsletter May 2009 & 4th Report

Report of Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild - Drachenwald
4th report by Reporter / guild head: Lady Racaire

Again a half year passed by since the last report and I was very delighted to see more of the inspiring sewing and embroidery projects the artists of our great kingdom make and share throughout the kingdom using the internet - please keep on sharing your work and inspiring others!

...and I also want to use this report to thank all participants of the "Something to keep you warm II" challenge (especially Mistress Anya Mstyslavyaya and Lady Jahanarabanu Vivana for their great support and interest concerning the realisation of this and other challenges), all participants of the "Dragon's Embroidery Workshop" blog and our regional guild heads who are doing a very great job - thank you all very much indeed! ...and last but not least a big thank you to all artisans who supported the (Pennsic) Queens Basket with one or more handmade gifts.

Thank you all for your work in the past or the future - it's great to be a member of such a great and gifted kingdom. :)

...and now back to work - to keep the eMail traffic low and to also keep you informed about all basic changes, I again include the 4th guild report in my newsletter:

Time Period: 16. November 2008 - 15. May 2009 / 1st report 2009

Since the last report 3 new members joined the guild and we have now a total of 42 members - the guild has now members in all regions of our kingdom.
List based on the membership roll started at 18.October 2007.

1) Racaire (Central - guild head)
2) Rakonczay Gergely (Aarnimetsä)
3) Thomas Paumer (Central)
4) Katherina Mornewegh (Central)
5) Lia de Thornegge (Scandinavia)
6) Edith of Hedingham (Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis
7) Baroness Mary Verch Thomas (Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis)
8) Hudd de Peth (Kingdom of the Outlands)
9) Johanna aff Hucka (Aarnimetsä)
10) Eva Grelsdottir (Aarnimetsä)
11) Arnulf der Zeilner (Central)
12) Lady Jane Devereux (Crown Principality of Insulae Draconis)
13) Katharina Woinovich (Central)
14) Lady Eilgri Beccan (Aarnimetsä - Aarnimetsä region guild head)
15) Viscountess Helwig Ulfsdotter (Scandinavia)
16) Katharina von Owe (Central)
17) Sileas von Biuira (Central)
18) Lady Ælfwynne of Eoforwic (Nordmark)
19) Renika Rikardsdottir (Nordmark)
20) Mistress Anya Mstyslavyaya (Central)
21) Alenn von Horn (Central)
22) Halfdan von Veneta (Central)
23) Anna de Byxe (Nordmark)
24) Hedwig von Simmaningen (Central)
25) Sahra (Aarnimetsä)
26) Sinikka (Aarnimetsä)
27) Myfanwy Methig (Aarnimetsä)
28) Rixende of Aarnimetsä (Aarnimetsä)
29) Jahanarabanu Vivana (Insulae Draconis - Insulae Draconis region guild head)
30) Ida Järvinen (Aarnimetsä)
31) Lady Melisende Fitzwalter (Insulae Draconis)
32) Lady Siubhan inghean Fhearghuis (Insulae Draconis)
33) Katarina von Danzig (Insulae Draconis)
34) Mave (Central)
35) Himiltrude fan Austrasia (Central)
36) Adelina (Central)
37) Honor of Restormel (-)
38) Tamara Stefanova (Central)
39) Eleanora von Ratzeburg (Central)
40) Johanna von Steinwedel (Central)
41) Lady Ameline de Leeuw (South)
42) Elisande (Central)

* Guild Head: Lady Racaire
* Aarnimetsä - region guild head: Lady Eilgri Beccan
* Central - region guild head: Lady Racaire
* Insulae Draconis - region guild head: Lady Jahanarabanu Vivana
* Nordmark - region guild head: Fru Renika Rikardsdottir
* South - region guild head: - (Lady Racaire)

Guild meetings / displays:
* No guild meetings or displays during the last time period.

Completed guild head tasks during the last half year:
* registration of the guild badge (Our guild badge was registered by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms at the December, 2008 meeting: "Drachenwald, Kingdom of. Badge for the Kingdom Embroidery Guild. (Fieldless) On a dragon passant coward sable a needle palewise Or."

Planed guild head tasks for the next half year:
* rework of the guild charter (in progress - first draft finished)
* collecting ideas, pictures, handouts,... for a guild homepage
* 2nd official guild meeting and guild display
* planning and creation of a guild banner
* planning for a small guild badge competition

Planed projects / projects in progress:
* 08.2006 - 08.2007 (overdue) - Wallhanging Project/Challenge: of Mistress Anya Mstyslavyaya and Lady Racaire still in progress - overdue because of other projects, challenges and commissions (update 05.2009: embroidery part of Racaire's wallhanging just completed)
* 09.2007 - 12.2008 - Something to keep you warm Project/Challenge continued with:
01.2009 - 12.2009 - Something to keep you warm II Project/Challenge
* 01.2010 - 12.2010 - Project/Challenge 2010 (current ideas: "Pimp up your wardrobe",...)

...other interesting projects:
* support of the A&S50 challenge in Drachenwald with the blog: - SCA-wide challenge - finish date: celebration of the 50th year (in 2015) of the Society for Creative Anachronism

Guild blog / homepage:
* Dragon's Embroidery Workshop blog - a place for the embroiderers of Drachenwald to show their own work & projects, ask questions, get answers and enjoy each other's company - no finish date - possibility to display finished projects or projects in progress
* homepage: no homepage by now

...other interesting blogs / homepages:
* Aarnimetsä: - (in progress)
* Central: - (see Dragon's Embroidery Workshop)
* Insulae Draconis Fibre Arts Interest Group

Yours in Service
Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Head

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